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A love story, part four. Graciously rattling the collection bucket ~ Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Jim Webster, aka Tallis Steelyard: Not everybody is lucky enough to discover their vocation immediately. Whereas I was obviously doomed to be a great poet, others often vacillate between any number of options. Indeed some people don’t so … Continue reading

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Cloudy Skies ~ Aseem Rastogi #writephoto

As he walked towards his destination, he saw the fairy come out   The low clouds had masked her presence but now she looked really despondent Continue reading at Transition of Thoughts

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Calanais: Skyward…

* But anyway something was happening in the sky. A great eye of light opened up above the main site… * If we weren’t going to get a night-scape, which we weren’t, we could at least get the stones with … Continue reading

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Clouded Vision ~ Rosemary Carlson #writephoto

The cottage was in the small village that was surrounded by moorland. The scenery was beautiful outside. Green, peaceful, pleasant. The village was sleepy, but friendly. When they arrived here, they remembered how the times with her parents at the … Continue reading

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Gorgeous Georgius… Stuart France

St George ‘cradling’ or ‘choking’ a baby dragon? (Nuremberg Chronicle 1493) * … Like Michael, the St George we know today is something of a construct. * Historically, George appears to have been a third century greek conscript in the … Continue reading

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Roaming the Peaks Forevermore ~ Mason Bushell #writephoto

Branagh did what he always did, he walked aimlessly beneath the leaden, cloudy skies. His feet barely feeling the rocky ground and dried out grasses brushing his legs. His stride carried him through the peaks and troughs of the undulating … Continue reading

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Look not to find magic and miracles Performed as conjurers’ illusions Pandering to credulity Deep-veiled in allegory Surpassing logic’s reach Alchemy’s true gift Already yours Lead to gold Golden Child Seek Secrets Long buried Hidden beyond Imprisoning flesh Balanced and … Continue reading

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Alas! Why? ~ Kitty #writephoto

Are you in a hurry? Why don’t you just stop for a moment? Tardy a little, let me interact with you awhile, Are those secrets that you are carrying? Why can’t I make sense of anything you say? Continue reading … Continue reading

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Tidal #midnighthaiku

Hidden and revealed Buried treasures and secrets Unveiled by life’s tides

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