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When Fear Trumps Logic ~ Alethea Kehas

Reblogged from The LIght Behind the Story: It’s no denying we are living in strange and turbulent times, but alas this is nothing new. We are creatures with a history of chaos and violence that extends through the long lines … Continue reading

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Tokens ~ Kim Blades #writephoto

Life and love are transitory dreams through which tokens are spread like a benediction over the peaks and valleys of our existence Continue reading at Kim Blades

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Going West: Going In

It was either going to be spectacular… or very plain. Probably the latter, as we have found that with the highly decorated churches, it tends to be one or the other, inside or out. It was, then, no surprise to … Continue reading

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Dear Don: Superstitions…

Dear Don, ‘Standing under’ and ‘hanging over you’? The immediate image to arise was that of the Sword that was hung by a single strand of hair above the head of Damocles when he experienced the trappings of power for … Continue reading

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Tokens ~ Dr. Crystal Grimes #writephoto

What kind of tokens do you leave? What’s your special mark, And what will be your legacy? Every moment you share, Though you may not be aware. Consider: What kind of tokens do you leave throughout your life? Continue reading … Continue reading

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* We had watched the ferry moored as we waited to disembark. * And its something we do by habit down south… Always returning via Avebury. * Continue reading at France and Vincent

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Summer Souvenirs? ~ Jules #writephoto

Love tokens to a partner or just feeding a fledgling? I watched one Cardinal at the feeder, shell the seed And take it to another perched in the pine, Gently with care place the seed in the open beak. Continue … Continue reading

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The Small Dog Plays Mother…

I’m a creature of habit, I have my routine, I know where she’s going, I know where she’s been, I don’t like her going out late, or at all, I’d rather she stayed home with me to play ball. * … Continue reading

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Token ~ Aseem Rastogi #writephoto

Fall had begun to set in as the leaves turned red yellow or orange Continue reading at Transition of Thoughts

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Dues #midnighthaiku

Give dewdrops their due Science takes inspiration Giving no credit *  

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