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The Camisole Model ~ Anneli Purchase

Reblogged from Words From Anneli: My dream to be a model Took an unexpected turn, Success would be reality, I soon began to learn. The mistress had a camisole She was too fat to wear, And yet she couldn’t throw … Continue reading

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The thunderstorm ~ Roberta Eaton #writephoto

Sue Vincent’s prompt this week fit perfectly with one of my poems from the poetry collection I contributed to, along with South African poet, Kim Blades. You can find Kim here: https://kimbladeswritingblog.wordpress.com The thunderstorm by Robbie Cheadle A deluge of … Continue reading

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Barb Taub on Little Red RH as thriller. PLUS #BookReview~ Madam Tulip and the Serpent’s Tree by @DaveAhernwriter #RBRT #humor #thriller

Reblogged from Barb Taub: Lately, I’ve been reading some fabulous books from Rosie’s Book Review Team, and thinking about them in terms of Christopher Booker’s metaplot theory. Using Little Red Riding Hood as a metaplot here, I considered what Red’s story might … Continue reading

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Unfolding Lilac

Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
And then one day there will unfold Before delighted gaze A purple ring where thickest mud Had tempered walks on winter days ⦿ Where sliding boots had struggled To cross the sodden land Our…

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Torrent ~ Cheryl #writephoto

A clear beautiful stream Hurried and pushed beyond the edge Falls helplessly in a rusty torrent. Reblogged from The Bag Lady

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Songs of the Stone: Bristle and Grunt…

  * Said Keiron-the-Holy to the Ogham Stone of Fergus… “A question, O Fergus Mc Roy, what was the cause of, ‘The Ulster Raid’. Some say it was the curse of two friends deprived of their friendship by the wiles … Continue reading

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Millrace ~ Jane Dougherty #writephoto

For Sue Vincent’s Thursday challenge, a sort of prose poem with WIP in mind. The millrace runs but there is no more a mill, and trees grow now where wagons once stood with their head-hanging horses, waiting to be loaded … Continue reading

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A silver cord

As soon as I was considered old enough to wander alone… a ridiculously young age by today’s standards… I would knock on the doors of the various elderly relatives that lived within a stone’s throw of home or school. Their … Continue reading

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Torrent ~ Kim Blades #writephoto

The caramel torrent feeds the river, flowing between overburdened cliffs, Continue reading at Kim Blades

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Unnoticed #midnighthaiku

Nature’s miracles Small mysteries unfurling Passing unnoticed Eyes drawn by flamboyant blooms Seldom look beneath their feet *

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