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Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie Review ‘Prelude’ by Widdershins

Reblogged from Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie:   Shamans come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life, from all the continents of the Earth. We’ve been around since the human race realized there was more to existence … Continue reading

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My Favorite Place to Be ~ Susan Zutautas #writephoto

I sit upon the shore at twilight The lambent waters delight The clouds above are calling me They want to show me How I can be free Continue reading at  Susan’s Place

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In Hack-Pen Hedge…

* Animism 1. Doctrine that the soul is the vital principle of organic development. 2. Attribution of conscious life or spirits to nature or natural phenomena. 3. Belief in the existence of spirits separable from bodies. * “There’s a large … Continue reading

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Lambent ~ Jane Dougherty #writephoto

Which way are we to go? And how are we to get there? In a furious lather or a gentle amble? Stomping or skipping lightly? Hellbent or lambent? From Jane Dougherty in the prompt comments

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Sea Mist…

* …Even allowing for the earliness of the hour, there were far fewer students than he expected. By long habit his steps found a familiar corridor and the worn stone rang underfoot. It would not harm to hazard it. How … Continue reading

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Lambent ~ Honoré Dupuis #writephoto

We will live another sunset, another night, another dawn. The world is old, but we are still young, and we are learning, to deserve this world, to protect our children, to fight greed and its evils. Continue reading at  Of … Continue reading

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A touch of sun…

Taking advantage of an almost dry day, where the showers had done little to wet grass that was being dried by a rare bit of sun, I mowed the grass. I can’t call my squishy quagmire a lawn, not by … Continue reading

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Lambent ~ Willow Willers #writephoto

Cold, weary and completely spent I trudged on, to the future bent. Through the longest night of my years I emerged from the veil of tears. Continue reading at willowdot21

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Explosion #midnighthaiku

A little sunlight Earth releases long-held breath Inner life explodes *

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