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6 Ways to Help Anxious Children during Coronavirus ~ Barry Whelan

Reblogged from Behaviour 101, some strategies that may help children and adults alike: We are living in anxious times right now. Some children may be stressed, frazzled and overwhelmed by what is happening and the importance of looking after their … Continue reading

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Walking… ~ Christine Bialczak #writephoto

Walking… And though we walk miles to find peace in a world where stability teeters on the edge, we follow a path led by those we believe in Continue reading at Stine Writing

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Living Lore: The Devil’s Nutting Bag (or the Devil’s Nightcap or Alcock’s Arbour) ~ Gary Stocker

Gary continues his journey through Warwickshire’s folklore… the story of Alcock’s treasure reminded me forcibly of an old story about the treasure hidden beneath a Cistercian Abbey that I loved as a child… On the A46 Stratford Road, on the … Continue reading

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Crown ~ Kim Blades #writephoto

This is a continuation of my story that began in my post, ‘Memory,’ published a few weeks ago, also as a response to Sue Vincent’s #writephoto. Dwarf King, Sterling Trueborn, rose to his feet and looked ahead to where the … Continue reading

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Found Mounds: the Call of Albion…

* ‘…Maybe it is because it is our third visit or maybe it is because there are three of us, or maybe we had to work out the St Andrew thing before we were allowed to ascend, who knows? Whatever … Continue reading

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Critical Path ~ Jules #writephoto

When Lee, Sam, Gerry and Cain got to the barn and made it to the second level – Sam tapped Lee on softly on her shoulder pointing to the hypethral (building with no roof) within the north west corner. It … Continue reading

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My Spiritual Journey by Steve Tanham

This week, I will be sharing again a little about the people behind the Silent Eye, starting with its founder, Steve Tanham: Sue has asked Stuart and I to record, in an interview style, our individual spiritual histories. Here’s my … Continue reading

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Crown ~ Di #writephoto

It was a long trek, but they did it, This one night without fail. Thousands of steps for hundreds of feet, They wore a path on their pilgrimage, The only evidence of their existence. The rewards were many Continue reading … Continue reading

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Balance #midnighthaiku

Inextricable Immutably together Light and shadows fall *  

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