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Mae Clair reviews Grinders by C. S. Boyack

Reblogged From the Pen of Mae Clair: Happy St. Patricks Day, everyone! Whether you’re Irish or not, ’tis a day for the wearing’ o’ the green, and a tip o’ the hat to the wee folk. Right now, we could … Continue reading

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Crop Circle Phenomenon ~ Jim Adams #writephoto

Many people believe that the first crop circles came from Satan himself around 1678, yep that guy with the horns and pointed tail using a scythe to make these mysterious designs in a field of oat. In 1966, near the … Continue reading

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Why to avoid “ing” words in fiction ~ D. Wallace Peach

Reblogged from Diana Wallace Peach at Myths of the Mirror: A few weeks ago, I had a blog-conversation with Jacqui Murray of Worddreams about editing out “ing” words. I’ve heard many times that these words should be avoided when writing … Continue reading

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Uneasy Lies the Head ~ Iain Kelly #writephoto

Two lines cut through a wheat field, disappearing towards the ancient standing stones at the crest of a hill. 1st Man: Never seen anything like it. What could’ve made them? 2nd Man: It’s a mobile. 1st Man: What the hell’s … Continue reading

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Lizard Men…

* QUEEN OF THE NIGHT… It is night and I cannot sleep. Jed cannot sleep either. I can hear him turning in his bed but I do not speak. Steve is asleep. It must be about three in the morning. … Continue reading

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Morning Empty Breathes ~ Goff James #writephoto

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Selby Abbey – Dignity and memories

We were supposed to be in Scotland this week, revisiting a magical place. However, that cannot happen at the moment. As things are rather up in the air, I thought I’d revisit a past trip this week and share a … Continue reading

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The Fate of the Crown ~ Ken Gierke #writephoto

The Fate of the Crown The road we take will determine the nature of this crown Continue reading at  rivrvlogr

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Finite #midnighthaiku

Sorrows weigh heavy Highlighting finite shadows Cast by distant light *

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