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Glow #midnighthaiku

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A silver cord

As soon as I was considered old enough to wander alone… a ridiculously young age by today’s standards… I would knock on the doors of the various elderly relatives that lived within a stone’s throw of home or school. Their … Continue reading

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Slimegrobbels and custard…

“Tell me a story…” My granddaughters and I were sitting on the floor of their pink-painted cabin at the bottom of the garden. I had evicted yet another invading spider and, while the youngest sat on my knee, her almost-five … Continue reading

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Inside Bath Abbey II

Pagan shrine, Roman Temple, convent, monastic abbey… royal patronage and the coronation of the first historical King of All England … a Norman church…right through the Victorian restorations to today… Bath Abbey has been a site of worship for far … Continue reading

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This hillside close to my home was once home to an ancient settlement going back to the earliest times. Later, the Romans built a road below it and who knows the stories of those who passed that way? Today few … Continue reading

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On being a dinosaur

I scribbled a note on the crumpled envelope beside the keyboard, revelling in the feel of the pen on the paper. It is a nice pen. Cheap, nothing special to look at, but the ink glides over the virgin white … Continue reading

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