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Laughter Lines by Sue Vincent

A wonderful review from A. C. Flory… Laughter Lines by Sue Vincent I just left a 5 star review for Laughter Lines: Life at the Tail End by Sue Vincent. And I still haven’t stopped smiling. The review should be … Continue reading

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Graeme Cumming Reviews: The Initiate ~ Stuart France and Sue Vincent

Reblogged from Graeme Cumming: Perhaps unusually, I’m going to open up by saying that I know both authors of this book – but in this case, that knowledge will provide context to my review. I first ‘met’ Sue online through … Continue reading

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Liz Gauffreau Reviews: Sacred Mounds by Jim Metzner

Reblogged from Liz Gauffreau: Jim Metzner’s historical fantasy Sacred Mounds opens with a man who has lost time and gained a tattoo on the palm of his hand. Meet Salvador Samuels, a middle-aged man of no particular distinction, except for … Continue reading

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When Your Mum Speaks – Mum Chats about My Book! ~ Ritu Bhathal

Reblogged from Ritu Bhathal: This month marks my debut novel, Marriage Unarranged’s six month birthday. And I am excited that it has sold almost 200 copies, and gained nearly 50 reviews on Amazon. Each comment from a reader is so … Continue reading

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Colleen Cheesebro reviews “Sea Dragons, Wisp II,” by Adele Marie Park

Reblogged from Colleen Cheesebro: About this Book ~ Sea Dragons (Wisp II) Adele Marie Park The malevolent and ruthless mage, Dante Asano, is defeated but victory came at a horrific price. Before Wisp and his companions could intervene, Dante possessed … Continue reading

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Christoph Fischer Reviews: The Last Pilgrim by Noelle Granger

Reblogged from Christoph Fischer: This book is a rich resource of well researched historical facts and a concise re-telling of the story of one of many Mayflower pilgrims. Noelle describes the characters in a series of narratives that depict the … Continue reading

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Barb Taub hosts Danny the Dog (owner of author Andrew Joyce) PLUS #BookReview of My Name Is Danny #humor #dogs

Reblogged from Barb Taub: Morning. It’s not pretty… When my dog Peri first got me, she woke me before dawn to take care of all her important stuff—walking Peri, feeding Peri, playing with Peri, walking Peri again, giving Peri her … Continue reading

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D. G. Kaye Reviews – Marjorie Mallon’s – Mr. Sagittarius – Poetry

Reblogged from D. G. Kaye: My Sunday Book Review is for Marjorie Mallon’s newest whimsical release – Mr. Sagittarius. A delightful read with wonderful prose, poetry and images. Get this book on Amazon Here Blurb: Twin brothers Harold and William … Continue reading

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The Rabid Readers Review ‘Maljie, the episodic memoirs of a lady’ by Jim Webster

Reblogged from The Rabid Readers: The Rabid Readers Review Maljie, the episodic memoirs of a lady by Jim Webster Where to start with this review? First of all a health warning. Do not read this book when drinking coffee/beer/WHY.  Neither … Continue reading

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Kerry Parsons reviews Ravens Gathering by Graeme Cumming

Reblogged from Chat About Books, a great review as Graeme prepares his next book, Carrion : I thoroughly enjoyed Ravens Gathering (although some scenes make for very uncomfortable reading). Despite being at work this morning I did stay up quite … Continue reading

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