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Self-editing: Action, Events, and Introspection ~ Connie Jasperson #amwriting

Reblogged from Life in the Realm of Fantasy: If you are a member of any writers’ forum on Facebook or through a private group, you know that today’s authors are constantly prodded to emphasize the action in their narratives. For … Continue reading

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First Responder ~ Christine Bolton #writephoto

I close my eyes but the picture remains imprinted in my brain The sounds will not cease The cries ring in my ears and the terrors continue Continue reading at  Poetry for Healing

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Sally Cronin Reviews : Warning Signs by Carol Balawyder

Reblogged from Smorgasbord – Variety is the Spice of Life, where Sally reviews a psychological thriller by Carol Balawyder:  I have just read and enjoyed the latest book by Carol Balawyder  – A psychological thriller – Warning Signs: A novel … Continue reading

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That I need ~ Kittysverses #writephoto

I need no epitaph, That I need, is a good laugh, I need no plaque, That I need, is for you to have my back, Continue reading at Kittysverses

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A song of Gwythyr…

“A question, O Yoke-all-Craft, which art will you practise tonight?” So Gwythyr-the-Bright took out the harp of Tertiu-the-Melodious from his craneskin bag, and sang this lay: “In the name of wisdom: I will practise metre’s nurture, fear’s erasure, and honour’s … Continue reading

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Choices, always choices ~ Annette Rochelle Aben #writephoto

What, why and when we choose to remember is nothing compared to how we choose to remember. Lola leaned hard against her favorite rock and let out a sigh. Choices, always choices. She didn’t want to be haunted by past … Continue reading

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In the wings…

There are feeders at the bottom of the garden… they belong to my neighbours, but given the weird dimensions of our gardens, are in front of my door. My own feeding station collapsed, several times, in the muddy morass that … Continue reading

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Memory ~ The Indishe #writephoto

I stand in a stony stupefied slumber on a lush verdant expanse of life. My feelings and emotions have crystallised and amalgamated into two massive frigid boulders that are made more callous and cold by the winter snow. They stand … Continue reading

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Heartwood #midnighthaiku

Beneath the surface Few will look or care to see Hidden stars shining It has been there for months, part of the structure of a garden I see every day. It was the rain, darkening the fibres, that showed me … Continue reading

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