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Ian Hutson ~ A new mini novelette on Kindle & KindleUnlimited #narrowboat #boating #England

Reblogged from The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company: Up the Audlem flight in reverse wearing only y-fronts and a foil hat. This is a tale of the insanity arising from weeks and weeks of dreary cabin-fever, too many emails from CaRT, and … Continue reading

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Lost and found ~ Deepa #writephoto

found a Paradise to be lost again! however far I may be from within myself i cannot disconnect the torrent inside me Continue reading at Sync with Deep

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Guest author: N. A. Granger ~ Torrent…a #writephoto story and news of The Last Pilgrim

Eliza finally had to stop their mad flight, putting her arms around her little brother, both of them panting for breath. When Indians had attacked their home in Kentucke, near Harrod’s Town, her parents dropped her and her four year … Continue reading

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The Torrent ~ Sitharaam Jayakumar #writephoto

She started moving from a small hole on the ground, in a little hill in the middle of nowhere. She moved slowly at first, like a passenger train starting from a train station. She moved down the hill. She picked … Continue reading

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Songs of the Stone: Talon and Beak…

* …Now, one day the Leinster men were gathering together on their Game-Plain in order to take sport. “Those ravens are making a terrible cackle over there,” said one. “They have been cawing at each other like that for a … Continue reading

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Living Again ~ Balroop Singh #writephoto

I rise from the valley of death The valley you pushed me into The valley I reject… Its deluge couldn’t drown me. I don’t want to mourn for The blessings that I have lost I refuse to crumble under them … Continue reading

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Cold grey days slide one into another Neither dark nor light to distinguish Monotone mediocrity Great Nature offers solace To threadbare emotions Wearied by clichés Expectations A duty-bound Presence Palls Peace Imbibed With each breath A renewal Wide green horizons … Continue reading

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Femininity ~ Jim Adams #writephoto

She was afraid that her top would come undone, so she tested out her bathing suit under a torrent of water and to her surprise it held up.  She was not sure if she should embrace or conceal her feminine … Continue reading

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Window #midnighthaiku

Exotic beauties Dream of faraway places Spring rains cloud the glass

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