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The First Harvest: Lughnasadh or Lammas? ~ Christine Valentor

Reblogged from Witchlike: Happy August! As the golden sun winds down and the days ever so slightly grow shorter, we find ourselves in the midst of the first harvest feast also known as Lughnasadh or Lammas. This is a cross … Continue reading

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For the love of roots ~ Thady #writephoto

I grew up, somewhat displaced, on a small farm in south Sligo, in the beautiful west of Ireland. We lived near the village of Aclare, snuggled on the lee side of the Ox Mountains which kept the worse of the … Continue reading

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At the Stone Circle ~ Suzanne #writephoto

Once again Sue Vincent’s prompt Writephoto prompt – timeless has a synchronous quality to it for me.   A little over a week ago I purchased an online series of guided meditations called  Mythic Listening.  When I listened to the first meditation … Continue reading

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Ireland’s Holocaust heroine ~ David Lawlor

Reblogged from historywithatwist: The great events of our past – the wars and the genocides – are just a series of small steps strung together… steps that when looked back upon appear to be a seamless, momentous journey. And because … Continue reading

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Joy Lennick interviews author Sally Cronin

Reblogged from Joy Lennick, talking to Sally Cronin: Thank you very much Joy for inviting me over for an interview… it is a great pleasure. Where you born and what was your first memory? I was born in Wickham, a … Continue reading

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Guest post: Award winning fiction from Kaye Park Hinckley

2018 WINNER OF THE INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD IN RELIGIOUS FICTION THE WIND THAT SHAKES THE CORN: MEMOIRS OF A SCOTS IRISH WOMAN Kaye Park Hinckley Love and hate, life and death, trust, betrayal, and the ‘always hovering’ choice to forgive, … Continue reading

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Weedwifery and the mythic imagination – Dr Sharon Blackie

Reblogged from The Enchanted Garden: In a chapter of The Enchanted Life entitled ‘Coming Home to Ourselves’, I wrote about the ways in which we can deepen our relationship and sense of belonging to the place we live: specifically, to … Continue reading

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Banished – Anurag Bakhshi #writephoto

We had to keep looking ahead, keep moving forward, for there was nothing left behind us, nothing but death and destruction. Uprooted from a land on which generations of us had taken birth, lived our lives, and prospered. Our lives … Continue reading

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Guest writer: Tric Kearney – Chancer

I’m a writer…Really? “Hi, I’m Tric, (pronounced Trish), I live in Ireland and I’m a writer.” There’s a first. I don’t think I’ve ever written that before and it’s made me smile, because as I hear myself say ‘I’m a … Continue reading

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Still water…by Dermott Hayes #writephoto

Reblogged from Dermott Hayes: When you’re used to cityscapes as the background to your visual reality, a jaunt in the countryside is always welcome, for a new perspective… Continue reading at Postcards from a Pigeon.

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