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The Attic – Notes to Women #writephoto

She was in the attic, lit candles in her hand. While the others were in the drawing room, she had slipped out and come up here, curiosity stronger than caution and common sense. Philip had shown her every part of … Continue reading

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Mourning Dove by Claire Fullerton – a guest post from TRSA

Reblogged from The Story Reading Ape’s blog: Like a sailboat tacking obliquely through opaque mists with little to guide the course beyond hope and blind faith, my third novel,Mourning Dove, will be released at the end of June. It has … Continue reading

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Tell me a story!

You don’t have to be a writer… you can be an editor, artist, musician, traveller or poet… just be you. That is always enough and means there are always stories to share. Why not share them here and reach new … Continue reading

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Read John Maberry’s new short story collection The Fountain – FREE – 25 to 27 August… from Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

From The Story Reading Ape: Humor, twists and more in this collection of seven fantasy and sci-fi short stories. Karma can be painful in “The Fountain”–when a plunderer meets a long-dead shaman. A family adopts a retriever with special talents … Continue reading

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Guest writer: Jennie Fitzkee – The Spider Story

“Oh, Sue. I need to tell you “The Spider Story”, one of the ‘Jennie Stories’ for my preschoolers. All true. That’s why children are glued when I say, “It happened like this.” The spider one beats them all, ” wrote … Continue reading

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The writer’s rollercoaster

I recently came into contact with a writer. Nothing unusual about that around here, but this wasn’t through blogging or any of the usual channels. We talked for a while, establishing that there were a whole load of coincidences leading … Continue reading

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Guest Photographer and Storyteller: Cybele Moon – aka the Dune Mouse

I stumbled across a site with an intriguing title, strange and magical stories, illustrated with the most fabulous photographs. Loving the atmospheric artistry, I invited the photographer over to be my guest… An excerpt from the Dune Mouse Chronicles Many … Continue reading

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Lantern by Bernadette #writephoto

Scheherezade looked at the street lantern and knew it was time to leave for the King’s chamber.  A thousand nights had passsed and thousand tales had been told… Continue reading here: Lantern #writephoto

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Our earliest ancestors looked out upon this world and framed what they saw in stories that reached the heart through the imagination. As man and his questions became ever more sophisticated, the stories evolved, couching abstract concepts and ideas within … Continue reading

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Why Myth?

Reblogged from Stuart France ‘…history became legend, legend became myth…’ – Prologue ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’. In the words of another famous film script, ‘what a pleasant conceit…’ to suppose that this process produces myth; whilst undoubtedly true for … Continue reading

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