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Blog Tour – The Curse of Time Book One The Bloodstone By Marjorie Mallon

Reblogged from Adele Marie Park’s blog: I am a debut author who has been blogging for three years at my lovely blog home Kyrosmagica: https://mjmallon.com. My interests include writing, photography, poetry, and alternative therapies. I write Fantasy YA, middle grade … Continue reading

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Barb Taub – Life Begins When The Kids Leave Home And The Dog Dies ~ IT’S HERE! #humor #nonfiction

Reblogged from Barb Taub: My new book, Life Begins When The Kids Leave Home And The Dog Dies, is available today on Amazon. It only took a week to put together—and thirty years to write. Acknowledgments This is the part … Continue reading

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Steve Costello on A Hundred Tiny Threads by Judith Barrow

Reblogged from Beyond the Pyre, Steve Costello writes of A Hundred Tiny Threads by Judith Barrow: Isn’t it wonderful when a friend tells you about their success? Judith Barrow told me about hers today with her novel, ‘A Hundred Tiny … Continue reading

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From the archive… I came across a link to a book on Amazon… suggesting readers check out the reviews.  The title, I admit, was not especially appealing… Microwave for One by Sonia Allison published in 1987. The reviews, however, are. … Continue reading

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The Last Life: 1st chapter… from Jaye Marie

Reblogged from Anita Dawes & Jaye Marie: This week we are posting the first chapter of The Last Life, the second book in my mystery thriller trilogy.  This trilogy might be the sum total of my own contribution to the … Continue reading

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Guest author: Robert Eggleton – Rarity from the Hollow

Increasing Sensitivity to Victimization Through Satire and Comedy Charles Dickens may not have been the first novelist to address the evils of child victimization in fiction, but his work has certainly had an impact on the consciousness of us all. … Continue reading

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When reviews really matter…

From the archives April 2015: Image source reddit.com  “Bilbo Baggins was a Hobbit who lived in his Hobbit hole and never went for adventures, at last Gandalf the wizard and his Dwarves persuaded him to go. He had a very … Continue reading

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A new beginning…

Several years ago a friend asked me to work with him preparing one of his books for publication. The task expanded a little as we worked and eventually, we had a book, The Mystical Hexagram: The Seven Inner Stars of … Continue reading

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Letter to Santa from an Indie writer…

Dear Santa, here’s my Christmas list, It’s just about that time, And as an Indie writer Thought I’d submit mine in rhyme. I know you’re overworking And your mailbox must be full, So maybe a poetic list Might have that … Continue reading

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