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Anxiety Management During Pandemic Days~Cindy Knoke

Common-sense advice and stunning photographs from Cindy Knoke: Many of us are experiencing emotional distress from the pandemic which can affect each of us in different ways, but often presents as increasing anxiety, worry, sleep disruption, feelings of helplessness, panic, … Continue reading

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Lambent ~ Cheryl #writephoto

Gold and silver splendor shown A respite on the edge I’ve known Evening comes in silhouettes Continue reading at The Bag Lady

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Living Lore: The Rollright Stones ~ Gary Stocker

This week, Gary takes us the Rollright Stones… a place we know and love. The dog, or ‘IndieAni Bones‘ as she insisted on calling herself, wrote her own post about one of our visits… and I wrote about one strange … Continue reading

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A hole in the sky ~ Na’ama Yehuda #writephoto

“There’s a hole in the sky,” the child’s voice rose then hushed in part-fear, part-wonder. “Indeed there is,” his father nodded. The boy flicked his eyes away from the luminescent heavens just long enough to discern that his father wasn’t … Continue reading

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Songs of the Stone: Edge and Point…

* Now every fifth year in the land of Erinn games, between the provinces of Meath and Connacht, were held. One year, a contestant known as Mac Duff brought with him to those games, his two fine sons. Both mighty … Continue reading

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Night’s Poverty Fades ~ Goff James #writephoto

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Little miracles

“It’s a wild violet. A bit scruffy… it has lost a petal… but still…” The tiny purple flower peeked out from between the stones we had piled up at the base of the weigela to cocoon the roots that had … Continue reading

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Lambent ~ Reena Saxena #writephoto

When I walk in the dark, feeling things and measuring footsteps, I know how light defines the parameters of existence. The world is whatever light helps me to see. Whatever I can’t see does not exist. Glowing, gleaming, flickering, blinding, … Continue reading

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Murmur #midnighthaiku

Endless rain falling Murmur of migrating wings Springs return promised *

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