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Secrets by Anita Dawes #Psychological Suspense

Reblogged from Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie: Many children have an invisible friend, and sometimes they can be a necessary part of a child’s life for many reasons. But when this ‘friend’ starts to cause more than childish mischief, it … Continue reading

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Heavens Above! ~ Iain Kelly #writephoto

‘There it is! The portal! We are saved!’ ‘It’s not a portal, it’s a gap in the clouds.’ ‘We haven’t seen a gap in the clouds for three years. It must be a sign from above!’ ‘From who exactly?’ ‘Why, … Continue reading

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Going Viral ~ Steve Tanham

There’s nothing funny about Covid-19, the China-originated Coronavirus that has just been declared a global pandemic. But the explosive spread of the infection throws a lot of light on the state of human nature. A friend of mine said, recently, … Continue reading

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Wandering waves.

Originally posted on The Ederren:
That’s where I belong. That island across the water. Where the clouds give way to streams of light as the heavens bless my home. Come wind or wave it’s always there, beyond the reach of…

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Thursday photo prompt: Lambent #writephoto

Welcome to this week’s writephoto prompt. You can find all last week’s entries in the weekly round-up, which was published earlier today. Throughout the week, I will feature as many of the responses here on the Daily Echo as time and … Continue reading

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Photo prompt round-up: Torrent #writephoto

* Racing destiny Tumultuous emotions Seek to know the self As the stream becomes the sea Melding into unity * The photo for this week’s prompt was taken on the Isle of Skye last summer. It shows Lealt Falls, where … Continue reading

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Close shave…

My son went to the barber’s shop To tend his hair and beard, For both were getting far too long And needed to be sheared. The barber comes from Turkey Where they do a thorough shave, With towels, hot and … Continue reading

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Hidden Places ~ Anita Dawes #writephoto

The beating heart of the water can be heard in the torrent rushing over the small fall Following the white foam footsteps into darkness I wonder if this is a gateway to another world? Continue reading at  Anita Dawes and … Continue reading

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Trapped #midnighthaiku

Spreading fragile wings Breaking free of yesterday Seeking to fly free * The sleepy bumblebee flew straight into the abandoned web under the eaves. I could see it wrapping itself ever-tighter in the sticky threads with its struggles. I climbed … Continue reading

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