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Calling All Indie Authors! ~ Lucy Brazier

Reblogged from Lucy Brazier: Despite whatever nonsense is thrashing about in the world right now, it is an inescapable fact that Christmas is coming – and there is no better present than a book, yes? So while the usual suspects … Continue reading

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Esther Chilton Interviews: Ritu Bhathal @RituBhathal

Reblogged from Esther Chilton: It was my absolute pleasure to interview the inspirational and delightful Ritu, who is already known to many of you. Whether she is or not, I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading more about her, her books, writing … Continue reading

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Guest author: Jim Webster ~Tallis Steelyard on tour… Two new books and A free lunch

I’ve mentioned before that the ‘Society of Minor Poets’ try to provide free meals for the young, the old and the indigent. It’s not just the feeding people that is important, it’s a chance for them to sit somewhere warm. … Continue reading

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Knowing your profiteroles ~ Tallis Steelayard, aka Jim Webster

Tallis Steelyard and Jim Webster visit Robbie’s Inspiration on their blog  tour: The events I shall now relate happened a few years after Illus Wheelburn made his escape from Prae Ducis, his fare funded by his production of maps of … Continue reading

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Cartographically challenged ~ Tallis Steelyard (aka Jim Webster) on tour with THREE new books…

People will remember that I do sometimes lecture at the University here in Port Naain, and over the years I must have taught numerous young people. Perhaps I ought to merely say that they were exposed to my wit and … Continue reading

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More Glimpses by Hugh Roberts #newbook #booklaunch

Reblogged from Hugh’s News and Views: Do you believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden? Would you dare steal items from a blind person or send your neighbours on a time-travelling trip full of menace and danger to … Continue reading

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Becoming Human: Exploring the Ethics of Science ~ Mary-Justine Lanyon on Delcroo’s latest book

Reblogged from Baja Moto Quest: Exploring the Ethics of Science By MARY-JUSTINE LANYON Managing Editor Renaissance Man – that term sums up the essence of Running Springs resident Ken Decroo. The retired educator has been a building contractor, a college … Continue reading

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D. G. Kaye – An interview with Diana Peach

Reblogged from D.G. Kaye: Who Has a New Book?   I’m thrilled to welcome today’s featured author, friend and guest, Diana Wallace Peach. Diana is a dynamo author who writes and produces books at lightning speed these days. She has … Continue reading

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Catching up

I’m still catching up after the few days away, so I thought I would cover a few blog-related things in one go…and share a few blogs you might like to visit… First up, Judy from Edwina’s Episodes included me in … Continue reading

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