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That vague feeling…

It was the best I could find at the time that ticked all the ‘necessary’ boxes and most of the ‘desirables’ too. It even had a couple of ‘bonus’ boxes checked and dangling like carrots. From the cavernous boot that … Continue reading

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About face…

“That,” I thought, looking at the author’s photograph, “is a really interesting face.” She wasn’t pretty, nor by any means young. The face was quite ‘lived in’ and had probably never been more than vaguely attractive by any conventional or … Continue reading

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Walking the line…

“… so fear was originally there to help us survive.” “Yep… and with not many sabre-tooth tigers roaming the suburbs, we found other things to fear. And fear is intimately linked to how we judge people.” “How so?” It was … Continue reading

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Foul feline

We’ve fallen out, the cat and I, For gratitude’s illusion Has been destroyed and left no doubt That it was mere delusion. * I gave the benefit of doubt, Accepting there was reason For cats to bring their keepers gifts … Continue reading

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Doing what comes naturally

We were in Castleton, hunting for props for the Feathered Seer. It was a cold, grey morning, but even so, the warm stone of the small Derbyshire town was inviting. We wandered through the streets, exploring hidden streets that we … Continue reading

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“You know when women are pregnant…” “Vaguely…” I ought to really as I am, at this point, speaking to my son. “… and they get cravings…” I make the appropriate affirmative noise. With one of them all I wanted was … Continue reading

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