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Circuits ~ Kerfe Roig #writephoto

Begin with the labyrinth.  The center holds the light.  The center lies outside, beyond opening.  Beyond thought. Beyond the perimeter. It blends and compasses, hugging the coastline of sight. It is letting go, Continue reading at methodtwomadness

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Awakening #midnighthaiku

* Stones wake to moonlight Forgotten lives whispering Long silence broken *  

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Blog Tour: Everything going swimmingly ~ Jim Webster

Previous chapters in this tale can be found scattered across the blogosphere…. 1) For want of a knight ​​2) The eyes have it 3) The miser and the demon 4) Just one more glass 5) Occasionally one has to do … Continue reading

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The Forest for the Trees ~ Fandango #writephoto

“That is absolutely fantastic,” Ellen said as she and her son were on their way to do some shopping at their local mall. “What is, Mom?” Jimmy asked. Ellen pointed to the wall. “That is,” she said. “It is so … Continue reading

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Imagination ~ Sisyphus #writephoto

“It’s a puzzle,” I said as we looked up the victorian wall. “There was something there, before, and the artist…” But I realised my companion was not listening, rather he was looking closely at the colours, and delicately taking small … Continue reading

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Guest author: Roberta Eaton ~ Beliefs and myths of southern Africa – The bushmen

The bushmen are the oldest inhabitants of southern Africa where they have lived for at least 20 000 years. Their home is the vast expanse of the Kalahari Desert. Historically, the bushmen lived in clans and loosely-connected family groups and … Continue reading

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Offerings – Kerfe #writephoto

  these wells of wishes– falling up into the air– held by waves of light Continue reading at methodtwomadness

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Door of Dreams

Alethea asked me to share the poem I mentioned in yesterday’s post, a poem I wrote after painting the picture above. * Door of Dreams Would you walk the corridor of dreams, Into the dark and unknown inner places, Where … Continue reading

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Colouring the world

I don’t often write about the painting. To be fair, these days, I don’t do it often… and definitely not often enough. There is something entirely sensual about the smell of oils and the feel of canvas beneath the brush… … Continue reading

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Guest author: Marjorie Hembroff – Ghost in the Attic #short story

It was a warm summer afternoon, and Bess sat cross-legged on the wooden bench in the back yard of the red brick apartment building while her mother hosted a tea party. Bess had just finished her new novel when she … Continue reading

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