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Offerings – Kerfe #writephoto

  these wells of wishes– falling up into the air– held by waves of light Continue reading at methodtwomadness

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Door of Dreams

Alethea asked me to share the poem I mentioned in yesterday’s post, a poem I wrote after painting the picture above. * Door of Dreams Would you walk the corridor of dreams, Into the dark and unknown inner places, Where … Continue reading

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Colouring the world

I don’t often write about the painting. To be fair, these days, I don’t do it often… and definitely not often enough. There is something entirely sensual about the smell of oils and the feel of canvas beneath the brush… … Continue reading

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Guest author: Marjorie Hembroff – Ghost in the Attic #short story

It was a warm summer afternoon, and Bess sat cross-legged on the wooden bench in the back yard of the red brick apartment building while her mother hosted a tea party. Bess had just finished her new novel when she … Continue reading

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Crow tree sky – Kerfe #writephoto

 wondering why then suddenly where the crow diving divining reflecting sky scrying the crow and the tree and the meaning of be the birth in the sky and the void in the flow Continue reading at methodtwomadness

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Flow #writephoto by Hayley R. Hardman

Life is like the flow of a river, I realised looking up at the waterfall from the canvas I had been painting on. You start off like a spring then become a stream, turning this way and that as you … Continue reading

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Interview with painter and poet Benjamin M. Prewitt  from the portfolio – in progress

Reblogged from The Portfolio: Titled “Balance and Humility” Photo by Benjamin M. Prewitt There aren’t enough words to describe the creative talent that is Benjamin M. Prewitt.  At first glance, his paintings grabbed me and somehow made me feel whole.  … Continue reading

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Artist Process – All That’s Lost – Colleen Briggs

I’ve been pondering an idea lately that what is “lost” does not actually cease to exist, but simply morphs into another form of equal (or perhaps greater) value. Of course this idea is not original, but is a basic principle … Continue reading

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spirits wander 1 and 2 by Kerfe #writephoto

  between dusk and deep night, spirits wander through air, climbing clouds to follow soulbird paths of ancient moonlight Continue reading: spirits wander 1 & 2 | method two madness

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A blank sheet of paper… a blank screen… a blank canvas… your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to fill it. And, of course, you so chose. That’s why you are sitting there staring at it, feeling as … Continue reading

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