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Mannequins and memories

I opened the tool drawer and pulled out the hammer. The dog took one look and did a runner, hiding under the desk with a mixture of laughter and wariness in her eyes. This, I thought, was rather unfair… I … Continue reading

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Pond life

The past week or so has seen me messing about in ponds every day, which is odd, as I don’t have a pond. My son, however, does and, like the rest of his garden, that has been largely my domain … Continue reading

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Lord of the Deep. Trees and Plants. ~ Willow Willers

Reblogged from Willow, who continues to share her experiences at the Lord of the Deep weekend: After the second Drama on the Saturday morning of the Silent Eye Workshop we had a break, then a presentation from Lorraine Munn on … Continue reading

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Gilgamesh descending (7) ~ Steve Tanham

Reblogged from Sun in Gemini: I watch as he runs. I am tired of his slow-witted learning. Act Four is half way through, but already he has exhausted the patience of everyone but his mother…. Where did that come from! … Continue reading

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Lord of the Deep. Saturday Morning ~ Willow Willers

Willow continues her journey with the Lord of the Deep: After breakfast we met in the the temple to first to discuss and then to perform Ritual Drama Two. A second self. “Aruru moistened her hands She pinched off clay … Continue reading

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Cold comfort?

We’ve had some glorious spring weather. It has been warm… into the high teens… It has been sunny. It has been a real joy to be outside with so many flowers in bloom. Bees, butterflies and small buzzing things have … Continue reading

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First and last through the gates ~ Christine Mallaband-Brown #writephoto

The stone gateway was imposing, the heavy gates looked too big to push open easily. The first time I walked through the gates I was 10 years old and very nervous. My grandma lived in the big house, but as … Continue reading

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Beneath ~ Willow Willers #writephoto

What Lies Beneath They say still waters run deep Hiding the secrets that they keep. Who knows what magic there might sleep. Calling to you to take the leap. Continue reading at willowdot21

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A Sea of Souls ~ Willow Willers

Reblogged from willowdot21: This is a mystical moment from this past weekend spent in Cumbria with The Silent Eye. The weekend was entitled The Full Circle : Finding your way home. It was late morning on the second day of … Continue reading

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Awiti’s Tutoring ~ AHFA #writephoto

Photo by Sue Vincent Awiti stood at the gate, her slender fingers gripped the iron as she peered through at the impressive building of the school she wished she could go to.  She watched the white Afrikaan girls talking and … Continue reading

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