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morning libation honey embalms the moment awakening dreams caught in eternal amber time yet drinks the wine of life The sun rises over sea and field, winter and summer, seen and unseen behind the veil of clouds, turning all it … Continue reading

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Designer Protection…

* Without the crack could black shell of Night ever give flight to break of Day…? * Reblogged from France & Vincent

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The Alchemist: ‘A Violet Duke’?… Stuart France

Architect in the guise of Thomas-the-Apostle. * If our Alchemist was pulling his beard, it would be because he and the grotesques surrounding him on the tower baulstrades of Notre-Dame, Paris, were not actually mediaeval statuary at all, but nineteenth-century … Continue reading

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Of Ceremony and Symbol… Stuart France

* First Man had many wives among the Animal People. The sacred beast, bird or reptile was treated with reverence and as totem was carried to ensure guardianship of the spirits. * The two fundamental ceremonies of universal application are … Continue reading

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Alchemic Interlude ~ Running Elk

Reblogged from Stepping Stones: Stumbled on this looking for something yet unfound. (If any of you spotted me placing a small, “Basildon Blue” envelope full of photographs into an unusual nook, please let me know!) Anyway. It’s something. It’s nothing. … Continue reading

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Look not to find magic and miracles Performed as conjurers’ illusions Pandering to credulity Deep-veiled in allegory Surpassing logic’s reach Alchemy’s true gift Already yours Lead to gold Golden Child Seek Secrets Long buried Hidden beyond Imprisoning flesh Balanced and … Continue reading

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Priest of the Sun III – (A Thousand Miles of History)

Maiden Castle – Dorchester * … “Whither goest thou, Priest of the Sun?” “I go hence to the High Place for the soul is in need.” “What is that need?” “The need is Light.” “And what will you give for … Continue reading

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Priest of the Sun… (A Thousand Miles of History)

Cadbury Castle * ‘…Reality is now shimmering in the heat as the air sparkles and I remember that King Arthur sleeps beneath the hill of Camelot like a child in a giant’s womb… ready to wake in the hour of … Continue reading

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Cycles of Light (1) ~ Steve Tanham

Have you ever considered how strange our week is? By this, I mean we get to the end of its seven days and fall off into an infinity of named celestial objects like Gemmda5, Godiano554, Artuix Sunburst and on, and … Continue reading

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Accelerated evolution

Spiritual growth is a journey unique to each one of us and taken whether we will or no. It is a natural evolution against which we may fight, actively resisting change or more usually with apathy and inertia. Or we … Continue reading

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