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Sacrifice – Vivian Zems #writephoto

“stay low, go fast, kill first, die last, one shot, one kill, no luck, all skill” (Unofficial Navy Seal Slogan) I stand at the graveside watching as each person steps forward to throw dirt on the coffin I study each … Continue reading

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Dusk – Lady Lee Manila #writephoto

Mighty dusk comes with silver clouds Light in the middle of the sea Can you not tell I come with plea? And up the sky cotton cloud shrouds Only glitch is I fall in ditch A seam of mystery enshrouds … Continue reading

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Mapping the Hero’s Journey – Charli MIlls

Reblogged from Carrot Ranch: “Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths.” ~ Joseph Campbell It’s appropriate to begin a discussion on the hero’s journey by quoting the man we now equate with modern understanding of mythology. Joseph Campbell theorized: … Continue reading

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Immersion – Powered by Robots #writephoto

Darya stood on the edge of Stanley Peninsula facing west toward Long Island. It was all part of the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge and late on a Thursday afternoon in February, there was no one else in sight. Silently, she … Continue reading

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The lion and the unicorn

“…but I’m supposed to eat you. Part of the job description.” The lion roared his frustration. The pale object of his attentions polished her horn delicately, the sound of crystal on granite worse than chalk on a blackboard. The unicorn’s … Continue reading

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Siren – The Urban Spaceman #writephoto

The siren swam beneath the sea, singing her song without a care, for under wave her life was free— her life was free, but cold and bare. Singing her song without a care, she tempted men with lust and love. … Continue reading

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Morning Song

It was dark when I woke, just the faintest lightening of the deep blue to herald the sun’s rising. Through the open window of my bedroom another herald greets the coming dawn. The blackbird was perched on the tree so … Continue reading

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This Middle Earth… Stuart France

* The Ancient Greeks… White-robed, leather-sandalled, Studious yet peripatetic… They pursued a noble notion of religion. Nature based, gratefully borrowed from the mysterious Egyptians And equally graciously passed on to their eager followers… Continue reading at Stuart France

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Holding #midnighthaiku

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