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#Writephoto : Shrine by Willow

Rachel and Mathew stood in the moonlight. Mathew looking serious said to Rachel “I do not want to leave you but the Witch and Caladore are here to protect you.” Rachel bristled at his words “I need no one to … Continue reading

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The Sad Tale of the Swan #writephoto – Isabel Caves

She was once a swan, beautiful and wild. Her feathers were as snow and her eyes as opal. Every morning as she glided along the lake people came to admire her. See the swan, they would sigh, on her bed … Continue reading

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When No One’s Looking – a poem by Leah Bracknell

Reblogged from Something Beginning with C: You came to me last night as you promised you would Under cloak of night a million blinking night sky eyes like fire flies bearing witness to our secret rendezvous Continue reading at Something … Continue reading

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#WritePhoto – Shrine by Ritu

I thought I’d continue the adventures of Barbie and Ken. Ken’s face was plastered across every surface available, like a shrine to him. Photos of him coming and going from various places, smiling, terse looking, with friends or colleagues, but … Continue reading

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We all were young once – Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Tallis Steelyard: That at least was my excuse. I was a poet, but a very young poet. I had few patrons and those I had I tended to cherish because they were all that stood between me and … Continue reading

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The Long Way Home – James #writephoto

© Sue Vincent His great-Uncle Ian told him everyone in Glaston knew about the Shrine but no one would say much about it. Terry Walker had only met Uncle Ian once before and that’s when he was only six. His … Continue reading

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The case of YOUR missing Tweets…

I have no idea where they went… nor have I found either culprit or motive… but someone has been kidnapping Tweets. It started about a week ago. I was going about my business, blogging as usual… writing, reading, pressing those … Continue reading

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A Simple Soul?… Stuart France

* Bright. Free. Easy… * Or superficial? Blissful in ignorance rather than poised, tight-rope like, upon the very lip of uncertainty… * Continue reading at Stuart France

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Genesis #midnighthaiku

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