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Shrine – Martha Frei #writephoto…

… The huge castle literally vibrated with strain since late in the morning there has been leaked through that a secondment of court physicians had been escorted to the Emperor Rooms to examine the Princess Henriette Adelaide thoroughly. It seemed … Continue reading

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Folly – Sight #writephoto

Faith in its many forms, has been pretty much a prerequisite for humans to acquire a state of mental peace. Faith isn’t just on supernatural, but in many cases on political and social systems, and also in human inventions and … Continue reading

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Gauntlet accepted Kismet-formed fit for purpose Preordained conflict Shaped by oldest enmity Embodying nemesis For Colleen’s Tanka Challenge

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Fairy Child – Wallie’s Wentletrap #writephoto

It was just like he remembered. The carved stone, mottled-colored with moss, the shadowed garden. The area was well-tended. “Is that a bell, Daddy?” The man looked down at the child beside him. The little girl’s arm was wrapped through … Continue reading

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The Tree in Winter – Steve Tanham

The tree in Winter Its life-trail etched against the sky reveals what we cannot Who stand below and try — To see within How we became this shape This pattern in the now And asking how Continue reading at Sun … Continue reading

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#writephoto: Shrine -The Invisible Girl

Entwined in time In stone alone Standing tall Cannot fall The symbolic is hypnotic It’s meaning unknown Continue readng at The Invisible Girl

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Spring cleaning the bookshelf…

Quite where any adventure really begins is a matter for debate. When you are writing a story, it begins with that ‘once upon a time’ moment and the first words on the page. In ‘real life’, you can trace it … Continue reading

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Swift as the Wind… Stuart France

* A fast flowing river tarrys for no man. Not least, when he moves at snails pace. Nor even, if he indulges a little leap-frog! * It is almost impossible to translate tempo from one system to another. It acts … Continue reading

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Brink #midnighthaiku

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