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#writephoto: Wellies and wishes – Victoria Bruce

Another photo-prompt, another story. This one loosely based on fact. I did get stuck in quicksand at a wishing well. I did make a wish. My audience did not appear. I did get free. I did not save my shoes. … Continue reading

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The Soldier in the Wood – Adam Dixon #writephoto

The soldier spluttered into full consciousness, tasting coppery blood on his lips. Agony rippled through his body and he closed his eyes against it. The sweat on his brow felt cool and the air he sucked in in ragged gasps … Continue reading

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Barb Taub – Life Begins When The Kids Leave Home And The Dog Dies ~ IT’S HERE! #humor #nonfiction

Reblogged from Barb Taub: My new book, Life Begins When The Kids Leave Home And The Dog Dies, is available today on Amazon. It only took a week to put together—and thirty years to write. Acknowledgments This is the part … Continue reading

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A Place of Spirits – Suzanne #writephoto

As soon as I saw Sue Vincent’s photowrite prompt for this week I knew I was going to have to write another post about the landscape down here in southern Victoria for her photo reminded me of photos I had … Continue reading

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The Bloggers Bash Blog Post Competition – Sacha Black

Reblogged from Sacha Black: The Bloggers Bash writing competition was so popular last year that the committee is bringing it back (with a slight difference) for 2018. As you may have noticed, there’s another exciting event happening in London the … Continue reading

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Harbour’s Night Light – Steve Tanham

She stops, the gentle collie Tasting the air at the breakwater’s end The day in the car forgotten Enchanted by the dingle ching Of cables and pennants The hiss of moonlight on cold sea The stroking breeze from the eastern … Continue reading

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Flash fiction #writephoto: Bloody deeds – Jane Dougherty

The muffled sound of horses’ hooves was the only sound to break the silence. Even the birds were still though the sun had not yet set. The monk urged his mount onward but the animal whinnied and refused. The servant’s … Continue reading

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Under the altar…

I am not even sure how we saw them hidden there in the shadows beneath the altar. I do know we would never have seen them had we not been looking at the unusual cross-fleury on the floor. The mosaic … Continue reading

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Of Pomp and Circumstance… Stuart France

* A crown too heavy to wear. Incline the head but a little And the neck will break… * Continue reading at Stuart France

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Forever #midnighthaiku

Frozen wonderland Poised on the promise of spring Tugs at the heartstrings A land of childlike wonder Invites participation * Lost in the moment The thread of time unravels Eternity smiles * Forever’s journey Through the white heart of winter … Continue reading

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