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A Call For Guest Posts for the ULS, The Underground Library Society ~ Charles French

Reblogged from Charles French: Hello to everyone! I recently had an excellent guest post from Josh Gross, a wonderful blogger. I am sending out a request to anyone who would like to join the ULS, the Underground Library Society, and … Continue reading

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A Step Against the Sin of Hatred??? ~ Kaye Park Hinckley #writephoto

Reblogged from Translating a World on the Edge: First, we need to get it through our heads that hatred degrades us as human beings, that hatred is not strength but cowardice, that its cause is the fear of not having … Continue reading

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Guest author: Balroop Singh ~ Poetry And Life

Poetry and life seem synonyms to me. The prism of poetry reflects life and its varied colors but the spectrum of life is much wider than poetry, which tries to capture some hues and even drifts into the darker crevices … Continue reading

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Guest author: M. C. Tuggle – You, Me, and the Whole Wide World

Countless online and printed articles have wrestled with what has become the most troubling question of our age: What is happening to us? The cascade of electrons and ink aimed at this question underscores our growing realization that many of … Continue reading

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Sacrifice – Vivian Zems #writephoto

“stay low, go fast, kill first, die last, one shot, one kill, no luck, all skill” (Unofficial Navy Seal Slogan) I stand at the graveside watching as each person steps forward to throw dirt on the coffin I study each … Continue reading

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#writephoto — The Glade – This, That, and The Other

John and Matty removed their backpacks and sat down on the rocks next to the creek bed. Matty took a deep drink from her bottle of water and opened up an energy bar. She looked up toward the crest of … Continue reading

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The Reward by Balroop Singh #Writephoto

Someone sat at the door sniggering I could never knock at Emotions fluttered for freedom Feet followed yet entrenched In darkness, with closed eyes I dared forward Your presence pried over my mettle A grunting sound scared me I knew … Continue reading

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Ruse [Flash Fiction]  by The Urban Spaceman #writephoto

The group of histourists moved closer together as Clancy Deville led them along a familiar path through the ruins. As he walked, he pointed out features he knew would impress, and waited patiently as they snapped shots with their ocular … Continue reading

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Guest author: M. C. Tuggle – It’s Not A Human!

One of my concerns as a parent and observer in the early 21st century is the anti-human climate we’re creating for ourselves and our posterity. It’s also a theme that drives much of my fiction. A recent article in the … Continue reading

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Opacity by Reena #writephoto

The gentle rays of dawn light up the world nudging and moving the wheel of life. * The darkness behind the rock wistfully imagines transparency wanting to partake in the feast on the other side of existence. * Light — … Continue reading

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