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An Atlantean Legend – Suzanne #writephoto

As the evening chill crept over the land a lone figure sat in the pavilion on the headland, his duties forgotten. It was Adyarh, the High Priest.   Down at the temple people milled about not sure whether to go on … Continue reading

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Sanctuary – D. Wallace Peach #Writephoto

I shook off the transportal’s disorientation and trembled with the cold. Authentic cold. Maybe not what I’d expected, but a clear signal that I’d arrived. I’d grown sick of my shipbound existence, the sensory constancy, the monotony of routine, the … Continue reading

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Guest author: Darlene Foster – Peaceful Sanctuary at Novelda

Spain is well known for its fascinating cathedrals such as La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, The Mesquite in Cordoba and the Cathedral of Seville to name a few. Besides the well-known religious structures, there are many smaller places of worship … Continue reading

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#writephoto: Temple – Jane Dougherty

She hated stately homes with a deep, visceral loathing. Ordinary people paying to trail open-mouthed around the set-piece rooms of some aristocrat’s family pile made her want to vomit. Didn’t they realise, she asked herself, that this kind of excess … Continue reading

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Life misdirected Neither role nor play exist Beyond perception A fondness for the spotlight Blinds eyes to reality For Colleen’s Poetry Challenge Images: Pixabay.

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The sanctuary – Martha Frei #writephoto

The King of Southland rose from behind his desk in the lush decorated baroque Conference Chamber and went to the window. With his forehead slightly frowned he looked over the spacious court garden to the little sanctuary on a low … Continue reading

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Going viral …

When I was small and faced with a plate piled with the over-boiled cabbage I detested, my grandmother always told me to eat it first… get rid of it… so I could enjoy the rest of the meal… and to … Continue reading

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Jack in the Box… Stuart France

* The highest kite you’ll ever fly? … Imagination! Count Black Source: Stuart France

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Key #midnighthaiku

* Hearts hold memories Fireside tales for winter nights Await unlocking *

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