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Exotic #midnighthaiku

Exotic dancer Glimpse of faraway beauties Lost so far from home The cork tree in Gosforth churchyard was planted in 1833, and is thought to be the most northerly in Europe. It was an unusual find when we visited the … Continue reading

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In the wings…

There are feeders at the bottom of the garden… they belong to my neighbours, but given the weird dimensions of our gardens, are in front of my door. My own feeding station collapsed, several times, in the muddy morass that … Continue reading

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A flying visit

Taking my son his morning coffee, I glanced out of his bedroom window and saw that we had a visitor. The distinctive long and bobbing gait made it easy to identify as a wagtail, but where its pied cousin is … Continue reading

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Perfect symbols

       “Not necessarily these days, what do think it means?”       “It’s the observer and the observed. They’re the observer. We’re the observed”       “Don’t be absurd.”       I motion out of the roof window where three Red Kites are … Continue reading

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UFO #midnighthaiku

An uncommon guest All youthful exuberance Immature beauty This gorgeous little creature is a new visitor to the garden. I think he…or she…is a youngster and was intent on checking out the pool in his new home, disappearing into the … Continue reading

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When something fell from heaven, “Well! What’s this?” the small dog said, “If clouds are raining food, now, Could I have a steak instead?” A crow had dropped its breakfast And it landed on the grass, But seeing Ani’s interest … Continue reading

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Ars Geometrica: Red Rock… Stuart France

* We are reminded of an ‘old’ Poem: THE CONVERSION OF ADAM We call you Red-Rock Rain-Stone Mud-Man… We breathe and you move Amazed and wondrous Made ponderous and slow by millennia… How can you Adam When naming beasts of … Continue reading

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Spellbound Awestruck wonder Waiting, watching, silent Feeling Nature’s savage beauty Magic Eye to eye speaking Wordless communication Perfect harmony The blessing of a moment Communion with Nature Cinquain and tanka for Colleen’s poetry 100th challenge

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Wings #midnighthaiku #writephoto

Travelling the path Nature’s guides take many forms The wise see beyond Light born of darkness Illuminating contrast The soul finds its wings

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Bird watching…

My son’s garden is surrounded by trees and they are full of birds of every variety. It is a joy to watch them and listen to their constant song every day, but, at this time of year, we are always … Continue reading

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