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When something fell from heaven, “Well! What’s this?” the small dog said, “If clouds are raining food, now, Could I have a steak instead?” A crow had dropped its breakfast And it landed on the grass, But seeing Ani’s interest … Continue reading

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Ars Geometrica: Red Rock… Stuart France

* We are reminded of an ‘old’ Poem: THE CONVERSION OF ADAM We call you Red-Rock Rain-Stone Mud-Man… We breathe and you move Amazed and wondrous Made ponderous and slow by millennia… How can you Adam When naming beasts of … Continue reading

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Spellbound Awestruck wonder Waiting, watching, silent Feeling Nature’s savage beauty Magic Eye to eye speaking Wordless communication Perfect harmony The blessing of a moment Communion with Nature Cinquain and tanka for Colleen’s poetry 100th challenge

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Wings #midnighthaiku #writephoto

Travelling the path Nature’s guides take many forms The wise see beyond Light born of darkness Illuminating contrast The soul finds its wings

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Bird watching…

My son’s garden is surrounded by trees and they are full of birds of every variety. It is a joy to watch them and listen to their constant song every day, but, at this time of year, we are always … Continue reading

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I can’t help noticing…

It is beginning to look an awful lot like spring. There are buds and the first blossoms on the trees. The ground is covered in tiny wildflowers, from coltsfoot and celandine, to speedwell, daisies  and violets. From the birds building … Continue reading

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Morning Song

It was dark when I woke, just the faintest lightening of the deep blue to herald the sun’s rising. Through the open window of my bedroom another herald greets the coming dawn. The blackbird was perched on the tree so … Continue reading

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Gardeners #midnighthaiku

White-misted morning A landscape bare of colour Wears flying jewels On budding branches Small voices sing a paean Hopeful of bounty

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Riddles in the churchyard…

“We need to go to Great Longstone.” “Why?” “No idea.” “Oh. Have we been there before?” “Yes.” “I have no memory of this place…” My companion’s acceptance says a lot about our adventures over the past few years.  We have … Continue reading

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Unexpected neighbours…

My eyesight may not be all it once was, but even from a distance, the sheep in the field looked a bit odd. We have found many strange and wonderful things in and around the village of Birchover, but they … Continue reading

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