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Love’s Blood – James #writephoto

Even knowing this is what her father wanted, what she wanted, Zachary wasn’t sure he could do it. He loved Deborah very much and he believed she still adored him. It was only because of their love for each other … Continue reading

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In Parting – Ken Gierke #writephoto

In Parting Whether soil, damp or dry, neglected ornate urn, or vault of unforgiving stone, lay not my essence in darkened tomb. Rather, gift me open Continue reading at rivrvologr

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Guest author: Gregg Savage – What to do with a bonus…

I have ended up writing a story every day because I managed to earn myself a bonus year of life. Somewhere between October 13, 2016, and October 13, 2017, I convinced myself that I was 37, and not 36, years … Continue reading

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Being a Goddess – Reena Saxena #writephoto

  I am trapped inside that pretty picture The light in the candles reflects on the deceit and the heat sears my soul. they worship and garland and sing paeans to me. Continue reading at Reinventions by Reena

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It was cold in the cell. Cold, dark and  dank, with the kind of damp that gets right into your bones. There was no way of telling how long he’d been there. It had been a very long time since … Continue reading

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Sanctuary – Trent P. McDonald #writephoto

When I heard the news, I went out to search for Lauren. I did not know her well, but I did feel some responsibility. From what I did know about Lauren, I figured that she would have gone into the … Continue reading

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The small dog on the warpath…

Outside it is cold As the winter draws in, There’s ice in the bird bath And frost on the bin. The birds are all hungry, So tending their needs, I put out some fat balls With peanuts and seeds. The … Continue reading

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Crocus #midnighthaiku

Golden promises Reminder of absent sun Warming winter hearts A bitter winds bites. Snow falls like hail, stinging the face and witholding beauty. I shiver in spite of the thick layers, impatient to be home. Even so, I notice the … Continue reading

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