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Dusk – Willow #writephoto

As dusk gave way to night so Mathew joined the throng of young Vampires on the shore. He blended in well even though he was hundreds of years their senior. Settling in among the crowd he closed his mind to … Continue reading

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#writephoto: Perspective – Fandango

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Carolyn asked her friend, Ann, after handing her the photograph. “I’m going to have it mounted and framed and hang it in my living room.” Ann stared at the picture for a moment and then handed … Continue reading

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Death and the Elephant – Leah Bracknell

According to statistics from Cancer Research UK, there are almost a thousand new cases diagnosed each day and half of us will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during our lifetimes. Medical and surgical advances now ensure that, of … Continue reading

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Dusk – Frank Hubeny #writephoto

  Although the sky comes dressed in clouds The Sun remains above. Although the blue stays far away There’s nothing there but love. Reblogged from Frank Hubeny

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Honour My Name He Says: Lament for a Warrior – Jan Malique

The fallen warrior gasps his last breath, entreats comrades to “honour my name, place rosemary upon my pyre in remembrance” All stand in silence, remembering what had passed, what had unfolded, so did their tears fall like rain from the … Continue reading

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Dusk at the border – Iain Kelly #writephoto

Dusk, the start of the night shift that no one wants to do. Bálint watches the sun dip down across the river, it’s reflection glinting off the water. A week of this to come before he returns to the lazy … Continue reading

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Cold comfort

The bedroom was seriously cold… I had left the window open all day and all night and the temperature has struggled to get above freezing lately. I smiled… because that is exactly how I like it. I don’t care for … Continue reading

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Passions 4 God… Stuart France

* True-hearted and importunate… * * Oriental and ecstatic… * Continue reading at Stuart France

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Empty #midnighthaiku

Urban desert weeps A stage without its players Bereft of laughter The photos were taken in ancient city of Bath, last visited one rainy day with a dear friend. On that day, there was no shortage of laughter, or wonder, … Continue reading

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