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#WritePhoto – Sanctuary – Ritu

Ken sat back, contemplating his surroundings. They had only been here a couple of days, but what with Joey copping off with whichever female he encountered, he had needed to occupy himself more than usual. The old stone tomb found … Continue reading

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Guest author: Marjorie Hembroff – Ghost in the Attic #short story

It was a warm summer afternoon, and Bess sat cross-legged on the wooden bench in the back yard of the red brick apartment building while her mother hosted a tea party. Bess had just finished her new novel when she … Continue reading

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#writephoto — The Mausoleum – Fandango

Martin finally received the results back from his DNA test. He was adopted when he was an infant and never knew who his real parents were. He was told that he had been adopted, but he never felt the need … Continue reading

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Tales from the Irish Garden – A sneak preview – Jeremy the Donkey by Sally Cronin

Originally posted on Smorgasbord Blog Magazine:
I thought I would give you a sneak preview for Tales from the Irish Garden. (temporary cover) It is not gone through the full editing experience as yet but I hope you will enjoy.…

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The Saga of the Abandoned Leg – Lynn Otty

Reblogged from Lynn Otty at Buffalo Pound: A couple of nights ago I was waiting to meet some friends at a cosy pub after a writing workshop. It’s thirsty business, this writing. I spied a bone-white leg projecting at a … Continue reading

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Sanctuary – Willow #writephoto

Rachel ran, ran  as  she  had  not  run  for  months, the moonlight  urging  her on and  she giving  her  blood lust  free range  for  once looked  magnificent. By  midnight she  had  killed and  disposed  of  a huge  bear   and  was  … Continue reading

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Fairies in the wind Carrying childhood wishes Future uncertain ‘Rosebay willowherb’… tall summer spires of brilliant pink followed by a thousand fluffy fairies escaping autumn’s flame. Magical things, holding the future within them, like the child who watched them fly. … Continue reading

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History #midnighthaiku

Time twists memory Misshapen perceptions grow Rewriting the past

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