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All Saints Round Tower Church, Horsey, Norfolk – from Echoes of the Past

 Reblogged from Echoes of the Past: Last year 2016, in January we visited several round tower churches on one day.  I have only post three of the churches, and as the weather here, on the east coast of the UK … Continue reading

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The archetypal Indie?

Image by Zu I don’t have a feather to fly with… Impecunious as a church mouse; And to keep a roof over the keyboard, I’ve sold half the stuff in the house. The cupboards hold coffee and biscuits, The fridge … Continue reading

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The puzzle of being

“I can usually work people out,” he mused. “What their underlying motives and reasons are, what is really behind how they are. Can’t do it with myself though. Doesn’t matter how much I look… I never know if I am … Continue reading

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Home #midnighthaiku

* Pathways beckoning The heart indulges folly All roads lead us home *

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