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Between #writephoto prompt #suevincent | Not Tomatoes

Sometimes, or maybe quite often life opens a path unexpected parting the sides to test separation of the yellow center inside that responds to the will that can divide with the mighty belief that I Am more special than You … Continue reading

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Perspective in Yellow – writing in north norfolk

Fields throbbing with electric yellow unfold to the foot of an ancient hill quizzically curved like Buddha’s eyebrow. The air zings with peppery pollen as rapeseed, with its Midas touch, via Perspective in Yellow – writing in north norfolk

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Telling it like it is – reblogged from Tallis Steelyard

I’ve never been the sort of poet who likes nothing better than to rant and raves about ‘issues’. There are things I disagree with, there are things which might even provoke me to verse, but I’ve reached an age where … Continue reading

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Between #writephoto – Ladyleemanila

As the gentle path runs between two fields A spectacle of mint coloured grass sway Rolling hill with rows of trees at the outfield My bike spins its wheels as I go through my day Missing the post at the … Continue reading

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* Rain drenches parched earth Action of nature or grace Drought ends in deluge Hearts define perspective Natural revelation * Science seeks to know Fact described and quantified A crusade for truth Souls seek the dawn of knowing Wonder in … Continue reading

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Between the Fields [Flash Fiction] #writephoto | Observations of The Urban Spaceman

The road snakes out before me, a sinuous ribbon of grey slicing the fields of golden flowers neatly in two. An azure sky rules over them, replete with fluffy white clouds. In my chest, my heart skips jubilantly. Alfor told … Continue reading

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How to reblog without the reblog button…

The continued absence of the ‘reblog’ button from WordPress blogs seems to be causing a good many problems. Until the issue is fixed… which we are assured that it will be when they figure out what is causing it… there … Continue reading

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The Importance of Being… Stuart France

* We must hazard that religiosity be a product of normality. Man stands closest to Truth when he is most assured of his eternal destiny. When he contemplates things in this disinterested way he finds death ludicrous and absurd. How … Continue reading

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Deep #midnighthaiku

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