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Sanctuary – Joelle LeGendre #writephoto

Sanctuary means different things to different people.  Some like the feel of a pew and feel as if they’re in the presence of God by staring through the stained glass windows.  Some prefer age-old chants and prayer mats.   And others … Continue reading

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#writephoto – Sanctuary – Helen Jones

‘So, this is the place?’ The man grinned, revealing chipped and blackened teeth, his hair blonde against the blood-spattered furs he wore. His similarly-attired companion shrugged. ‘It is.’ ‘Some sanctuary. It doesn’t even have a door.’ ‘Huh. C’mon. This is … Continue reading

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Book Launch! Tallis Steelyard and the sedan chair caper – Jim Webster #Kindle

Port Naain has a long and convoluted history with the noble sport of sedan chair racing. Doubtless there are more tales to be told than are suitable in mixed company… but if anyone can tell them, it is Tallis Steelyard. … Continue reading

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Vagrant – Sight #writephoto

“No the building was not meant for remembrance, but more as the idea of showcasing extravagance. It’s a prime example of profligacy.” “A man I believe is remembered because of his works, his words and most importantly his conduct. Nothing … Continue reading

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Caisteal nan Coin Duibh – ‘the Castle of the Black Dogs’ by Jo Woolf

Reblogged from The Hazel Tree: Ten minutes’ walk from the hazel grove (described in my previous post) brought us alongside a field of rough grass and bracken that rises quite steeply to a natural rocky outcrop. Built into the top … Continue reading

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Aylin’s Sanctuary – Isabel Caves #writephoto

My mind is my only sanctuary. It’s the only place where I’m in control.  Outside, danger and death stalk my every move. But inside, they hold no power over me. I’ve created a world for myself. I’m Princess Asturine, a … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog – a peaceful Sunday…

The air is cold and clear, there is frost on my outside water bowl. There is no more than a sliver of a moon in a field of stars. It wasn’t my fault she fell over on the ice watching … Continue reading

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Willow #midnighthaiku

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