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Dawning #midnighthaiku

Rising from the flames Wings outstretched in renewal A new day takes flight

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Dawning #midnighthaiku

  Light slowly dawning A coat of many colours A new world revealed

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Silence #midnighthaiku

Chill warmed by glory Eastern glow gilds the lily No words are needed

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Dawn #midnighthaiku

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Before The Flood ~Bladud Fleas #writephoto

Removing themselves from the tent, the three of them sat cross-legged on the sheet of tarpaulin, and looked skywards. “Red sky in the morning, shepherds’ warning”, said Japheth. “Red sky at night, shepherds’ delight”, added Shem. “Baked potatoes on lamb, … Continue reading

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Penumbra #midnighthaiku

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The magic of the moment

There was no way to tell what kind of a morning it would be… except that it had turned cold. Yesterday’s sunshine had been a feint, designed to instil a false sense of security and the rain had a suspicious … Continue reading

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Cotton #midnighthaiku

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On the perfidy of alarm clocks…

The alarm on my phone drags me from sleep. I lean over, grab the offender and slide the snooze button. That gives me ten minutes to get moving. I snuggle down instead, my head still pounding. Overwarm, my feet seek … Continue reading

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Weather window

We woke, the dog and I, to a white and wintry world. A hard frost stuck the soles of my slippers to the path as I went out to retrieve the first ball of the day. I have attempted to … Continue reading

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