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North-easterly: Intriguing Anomalies

Two things struck me as we entered the State Rooms to look around the public parts of Bamburgh castle. The first was that the collection of objects that were on display was vast, rich and deserving of much more attention … Continue reading

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We glory in the beauty of the rose, Its petals decked in hues both dark and bright And pause, when summer’s zephyr softly blows, To breathe its perfumed essence with delight. For all too soon the petals gently fall Yet … Continue reading

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Stormclouds #midnighthaiku

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Finding the jewel…

“You are beautiful.” “You are love.” “You are light.” “Whatever you can imagine can be yours.” I am fed up of reading these feelgood assertions, offered as a placebo and generously sprinkled with glitter and fairydust. There is nothing wrong … Continue reading

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Balderdash – Journey #writephoto

“Why are mountains special?”, asked Ray. “What do you mean?”, asked Joe. “All the religion and civilisations praise them. Muhammad met Gabriel there. Moses met Yahawa there. Why is that God chose mountain as his seat? I mean it doesn’t … Continue reading

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Seasons turn

Eight o’clock in September and it is dark. It is really quite strange when that transition from summer to autumn makes itself felt so pointedly. It begins with an almost unseen change in the quality of the green leaves as … Continue reading

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The Dragon #writephoto from Noah Weiss at Never A Worry

Below, I have a borrowed picture from Sue Vincent for her weekly writing challenge. Interestingly, I think the picture explains my week so far. And it goes through the Dragon Cloud… starting from the left part of the picture… within … Continue reading

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Rummaging in the fridge of life

“It is just space,” he nodded his head towards the now empty shelf. “It is not,” said my son, “a bad analogy … the Fridge of Life.” He didn’t elaborate, but after a few moments thought, I had to agree… … Continue reading

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My Wife and I Are Odd Socks from BunKaryudo

Reblogged from BunKaryudo Monday has rainclouds and Saturday has rainbows. This may sound like Orphan Annie at her cloyingly sentimental worst, but it is in fact merely a description of my socks. I have seven pairs, all identically black except … Continue reading

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Taking the biscuit

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
I am inspired. By a biscuit. A Rich Tea biscuit of renowned lineage to be exact. For those who have not encountered this denizen of the biscuit tin, it is a plain, thin and…

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