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Completion #midnighthaiku

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Too much light…

The soft colours of dawn were painting the sky as I left for work. The village streets, preternaturally quiet now that the schools were on holiday, were, for once, easy to negotiate. Parked cars take up half the width of … Continue reading

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A little care…

The narrow village street is busy with rush hour traffic. The lorry coming towards me on the other side of the road is respecting the speed limit, the impatient driver behind him is not. Without warning, the car pulls out … Continue reading

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Roads #midnighthaiku

The longest way home Autumn’s vales and misty moors Well worth the journey

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Journey ~ Hélène Vaillant #writephoto

Journey of the soul, On the path of life, Keep steady your gaze. Tempting roads call you, Glimpse, do not fall. Continue reading at Willow Poetry

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Well Worth It ~ Notes to Women #writephoto

I stand here, in the mist, waiting. Waiting for you. Every year, I come to the spot where we last parted company and where you promised me that you would be upon your return after the journey which called you … Continue reading

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Zero Tolerance: A Parable ~ Fandango #writephoto

Dorothy and her dog, along with her three traveling companions, were making the hazardous journey through the land of Oz heading toward the legendary Emerald City, which they were told was a welcoming land of opportunity just on the other … Continue reading

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History #midnighthaiku

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The peripatetic ant

The ant crawled across the windscreen of the car, right in my line of vision. Ever since the spider-bite incident, I am wary of creatures that have any kind of personal arsenal hitching a ride, so my first thought was … Continue reading

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I Shall Rise: Regeneration of a Knight ~ Jan Malique

Reblogged from strangegoingsonintheshed:   In a previous chapter of this saga, Walking the Labyrinth, we left the Knight Templar at the centre of the Labyrinth. He stood face to face with the Great Bull and partook of his nature but wasn’t a devotee … Continue reading

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