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Going West – An Extraordinary Place

“What are those? ” The bumps in the fields as we drove down the narrow lane looked suspiciously like the remnants of early occupation. “They look like earthworks…” It would make sense, the little church we were heading for was … Continue reading

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Out of Time – a Human Story

We were, had the world not closed ranks against the pandemic, supposed to have been running a workshop at Avebury this summer, looking at some of the less obvious sites and addressing some of the deeper questions posed by the … Continue reading

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Living Lore: Merlin’s Grave? ~ Gary Stocker

This week, Gary takes us to Marlborough and its enigmatic mound, a place Stuart and I have visited. You can read about it in more detail here. Within the grounds of Marlborough College, Wiltshire is an artificial hill which has … Continue reading

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Top ten posts of 2016 – first batch

There are over five thousand posts on this site. According to the stats, these are the most viewed posts of the year: Taking the slow road north It was springtime, just, though the calendar still said otherwise. I had time … Continue reading

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Old friends

We took the long way back… we often do. So many things are missed by speeding along the motorways and so many more discovered by meandering down country lanes. And anyway, it would have seemed all wrong to be south … Continue reading

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Rooted in the Land – Of Staff and Stone

A leisurely evening working on the new book was the prelude to our adventure. My companion had, quite logically, travelled down to my home in the south from his home in the north… prior to heading north again together…via a … Continue reading

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Womb of earth – West Kennet, Avebury

We drove down to the next layby and for once, I booted up, knowing that there was a goodly walk ahead of us through the wet landscape. In front of us, Silbury Hill rose from its bed where once a … Continue reading

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“…. the bones of wise Merlin…”

“They’ve got guards,” had said our host, unequivocally putting the mockers on our planned look at the famous mound. Undeterred by his shaking head, we had decided to find the best spot to show it to our companions from the … Continue reading

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