Shall We Meet Under the Light of the Moon? ~ Jan Malique

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Image: © Jan Malique, 2020

This post started out in a totally different “body.” It had to be discarded. Why? The inner prompting, my Muse that is, decided otherwise. I’m in agreement with him. The White Hare makes an appearance, a messenger from Himself, Thoth (Djehuty). Funny how unaware one can be about such things, you know, when someone is trying to get your attention but you seem determined to ignore the signs. The Hare, as the goddess Wenet, was already installed in the ancient city of Khemenu before it became Thoth’s main cult centre in early dynastic times. Of course the Hare is significant in many cultures around the world, from ancient to modern times. Regular readers of the blog are well acquainted with this mysterious figure, so I shall not elaborate further. His Nibs, Anubis, had been absent for a while. I wondered whether it was due to me not paying respects appropriately. The “Old Country” (Egypt) and her gods were far away, or so I thought until Nebet Sekhmet emerged out of the shadows. That’s how things stand at this moment.

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