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A Thousand Miles of History XXXXVIII: Back to the Future…

We went back once more to where it all began. Paying our respects to Dragon Hill, the ancient White Horse and the hillfort known as Uffington Castle, we left the car and the world behind and walked to Wayland’s Smithy. … Continue reading

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Seeing Stones…

* “…Those who waited with her, high on the hill had prepared her. She had been bathed in the sacred spring that ran from the chalk below this place, winding as a clear stream into the valley. There was a … Continue reading

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The Giant and the Sun – In search of King Arthur (A Thousand Miles of History)

We wandered the summit of Cadbury Castle, each of us alone with our thoughts before gathering once again at the centre to speak of archaeology, history and legends. Now, legends are all very well, but many a place has adopted … Continue reading

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Orkney, The Tomb of the Eagles ~ Deborah Jay

Reblogged from Deborah Jay: Back to Neolithic times on Orkney and a visit to the Tomb of the Eagles, also known as Isbister Chambered Cairn. The common name came about because the tomb contained the remains of up to 14 … Continue reading

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The Giant and the Sun – The ramparts of Camelot (A Thousand Miles of History)

We had only a short way to walk to our second site of the day. We were only going to climb a hill, which sounds simple enough, but there can be few places where fact, fiction, folklore and otherworldly dreams … Continue reading

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A thousand miles of history III – A ring of life and death

We arrived in Dorchester with time enough for a coffee and a short wander before Helen’s train was due to arrive, after which we would be heading north a few miles to meet our companions for the workshop weekend. Window-shopping … Continue reading

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Orkney – the Broch of Gurness ~ Deborah Jay

Reblogged from Deborah Jay: During this strange phase of our lives, I plan to keep on sharing our tour of Orkney last year – so lovely to look at places we cannot currently visit. Swapping time periods again, next came … Continue reading

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Dear Wen: Dorcas…

Dear Wen, ‘O Great Seer, pray turn a page and read to us from the Dread Book of Assassinations…’ Just a pity we will not be able to quote from it in any of  the books! The pigeon made you … Continue reading

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Dear Wen: Wednesbury…

Dear Wen I suppose ultimately ‘Odin’s Steed’ is the eight-spoked wheel of the year, which he rides like the wind and which could almost be yet another parallel with the ‘Christ-Spirit’ that blows where it listeth… Repton and Breedon would … Continue reading

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Dear Don: Saxon Sisters…

Dear Don, It’s been a bit hectic round here this week, what with one thing and another, but I did manage to dig up our Saxon sisters… not literally, you understand… though I’m working on that…. I did find a … Continue reading

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