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Discovering Albion- Day 2: Merry Meetings and Manchester Airport

Friday was a good day. We had a late and leisurely start after a fair amount of talking and a little wine… note the restrained understatement on both those counts… The car was packed and ready to go… we would … Continue reading

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Rain in Rivington

If Friday had been mostly dry, Saturday started damp and drizzly then proceeded to get serious about raining. We congregated for second breakfast in the Barn at Rivington, with its great beams decked in Christmas lights and made severe inroads … Continue reading

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Over the hills

We hadn’t managed the proposed early start on Friday, but that did give the weather chance to brighten before we left for the workshop. It also meant that the skies were clear and the horizons wide as I drove one … Continue reading

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It had been a stressful week, but I was enjoying the leisurely morning preparing for my journey north. It was lovely to be able to take my time… there were still hours ahead of me before I intended leaving; hours … Continue reading

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There, back and other stuff…

A productive and very wet weekend is over, and I am once more home, just long enough for a coffee, with a suitcase full of laundry, memories to cherish and an interesting selection of things on my to-do list… including … Continue reading

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Out to play

While December’s snow falls across the pages of blogland, I’m rather hoping it will stay there for the weekend at least and, for preference, avoid the West Pennine hills where the Silent Eye will be gathering to play out this … Continue reading

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Rooted in the Land – A flaming sky

You are already ‘on’ the moor once you reach the hotel… that is the beauty of the place for a weekend such as this. Good food, ale and wine, comfortable rooms and you have only to cross Hangingstone Lane to … Continue reading

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Not long….

An ancient landscape, shaped by glaciers and the hand of man. Mysterious symbols carved in stone amid the cairnfields. Quiet circles lost in the mists… and a small group of seekers taking time out of time, listening to the echoes … Continue reading

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The River of Life – by Jan Malique. River of the Sun 2015

From the Silent Eye website… Jan Malique, our Vessel of Hathor for the River of the Sun, has kindly given permission for us to share her thoughts on the ritual weekend. Jan is a Comapnion of the Silent Eye and … Continue reading

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Busy bees – River of the Sun

Hours before the majority of the Companions arrive, the work has begun. Some must be trained as fire marshals, some look after the room allocations, welcoming those who arrive… and others… well, okay, largely the same ones actually…. and chiefly … Continue reading

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