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Testing times…

“We can take the car out in the morning,” Said my son, “I’ll get up and we’ll go.” Nothing loath, I agreed, we could test it “I am sure there’s somewhere that you know…” I’d be glad of a run … Continue reading

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When something fell from heaven, “Well! What’s this?” the small dog said, “If clouds are raining food, now, Could I have a steak instead?” A crow had dropped its breakfast And it landed on the grass, But seeing Ani’s interest … Continue reading

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Running silent(ish)

The recent bout of lurgy Made a bee-line for my eyes, So, although I’m feeling better, It was really no surprise That every post I scheduled, Both the reblogged ones and mine, I found I’d set for publishing In twenty-sixty-nine. … Continue reading

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“I will send you for X-rays,” the nice doctor said, “And for physio too while we wait. I’ll just make the appointment and get you booked in… Would you rather have early or late?” Which is why, as the dawn … Continue reading

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Cliché Hackneyed, outworn, Sighing, mourning, why-ing Penned expressions of emotion Human * It is, they say, just a cliché To pen a mournful verse, An ode to love, a billet doux, A burning flame…or worse… And yet, the universal pen … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog ~ Connivance

She made me have a bath again, It really wasn’t fair. I thought that I’d be safe, you know, Because my boy was there. She even played me false on that, And put me on the leash, I saw a … Continue reading

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The small dog, the storm and the toothpaste

I went to bed wearing the toothpaste* again And not orally, you understand, Cause the mozzies and midges and small bitey things Have decided to invade the land. With the first warmer weather they stirred in the nest Where they’ve … Continue reading

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The asymmetric small dog (or half a job well done…)

We all know the saga of Ani’s ablutions, How often I’ve tried, and run out of solutions, When dog into bathtub‘s a futile equation Regardless of bribery, guile or persuasion. A bath was required, I needed an answer, ‘Cause all … Continue reading

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Snowing cats and dogs…

“…but they said it would snow!” Said the dog, all forlorn As she sat on the doorstep To welcome the dawn. “If I’m really good, Wish with all of my might, Could you please work some magic And turn it … Continue reading

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The cat flap…

The guy who’d been to fit the thing Had really got it wrong… It didn’t even look too good Nor was it very strong. He’d charged a fortune for it After which we’d had to wrangle With cats who didn’t … Continue reading

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