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‘Fly away home…’

The ladybird was swimming desperately as I scooped it out, feeling that little rush of warmth at having rescued the tiny creature from a watery death. It wasn’t happy, but I placed it on the side of the sink to … Continue reading

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The Small Dog Plays Mother…

I’m a creature of habit, I have my routine, I know where she’s going, I know where she’s been, I don’t like her going out late, or at all, I’d rather she stayed home with me to play ball. * … Continue reading

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The Small Dog in the Rain

She says I’m inconsistent ‘Cause I don’t like getting wet In bathtubs or in garden grass That’s been rained on and yet… I’ll jump into a muddy pool Or, in torrential rain, I’ll walk for miles exploring, then Ask to … Continue reading

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Notes from a Small Dog ~ The benefits of lockdown?

I don’t think she’s well. She’s cleaning stuff. Big time. I mean, not her usual whip round with the feather duster and terrorising me with the hoover monster. Oh no, that I could cope with. Well, okay, apart from the … Continue reading

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Something spicy this way comes ~ Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Jim Webster aka Tallis Steelyard: For once, none of this was Laxey’s fault. It couldn’t be, he wasn’t even in Port Naain, but instead was in a distant mountain monastery drinking coffee so strong that past and future … Continue reading

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The small dog is not amused…

My two-legs is a meanie And she manages to con me, ‘Cause when I think she’s being nice She visits hell upon me. Just take today, for instance, I’m all snuggled up in bed To wait for her to finish … Continue reading

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The dog flatly refused to come in the bathroom… or to stay in the bathtub once forcibly deposited in it. She doesn’t like baths. She never has. Water… cold, muddy and preferably smelling of decomposition… that’s fine, apparently. But not … Continue reading

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Wet dog

So we ended the evening soaking wet… and by we, I mean the dog, the bathroom and me. It had to be done, but of course, you’ll have gathered by now that Ani doesn’t like the bath. Not one little … Continue reading

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