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Remains – Robbie Cheadle #writephoto

This week, Sue has provided the prompt “remains” for her Thursday photo prompt. I thought I would have a go at another haibun. I like the idea of prose and a haiku related by a common thread, yet different. All … Continue reading

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The Attic – Notes to Women #writephoto

She was in the attic, lit candles in her hand. While the others were in the drawing room, she had slipped out and come up here, curiosity stronger than caution and common sense. Philip had shown her every part of … Continue reading

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Legend of the Miskhorskaya Mermaid – Elder Mountain Dreaming

Reblogged from Elder Mountain Dreaming : In the Crimea there is a legend about this mermaid, in the vicinity of the Village of Miskhor. In one of the small houses there lived a young maiden of Arz. For many years … Continue reading

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The broken remains – Em’s World #writephoto

Em moved her eyes around the bare room, her face impassive, her hands clenched tightly. Barest flicker of anger flashed on her face as she spotted the exotic feather on the floor. She picked up the offending item from the … Continue reading

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Walk don’t jig – Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Tallis Steelyard Whenever I have time I like to loiter in one of the city’s markets and just watch the people going about their business. Let us just look at the scene here at the Ropewalk Market. The … Continue reading

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What Remains? – Penny Wilson #writephoto

Heaven in your arms. Utopia in those eyes. Days in paradise, Nights in bliss. Continue reading at  Penny Wilson Writes

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Holiday season…

The trouble with going away is the work That needs doing before you depart, Between all the jobs and the livestock and sons… You must take a deep breath and take heart. ‘Cause the freezer needs filling with ready-cooked meals … Continue reading

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Something fishy in Glastonbury… Stuart France

* ‘It doesn’t feel like we’re in England. It feels like we’re in France or something.’ No idea why France in particular except, perhaps, that my memories of that country shimmer with light and heat, and the sun was beating … Continue reading

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Beauty #midnighthaiku

The heart of beauty Extravagant or demure Lovers see the truth  

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