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A Nightmare ~ Maria #writephoto

He stood at the water’s edge, facing the calm ocean when she joined him. Without saying a word, he pulled her roughly against him and his eager mouth sought hers. As they kissed, their hands tugged at each other’s clothes … Continue reading

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The broken remains – Em’s World #writephoto

Em moved her eyes around the bare room, her face impassive, her hands clenched tightly. Barest flicker of anger flashed on her face as she spotted the exotic feather on the floor. She picked up the offending item from the … Continue reading

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#writephoto – Sanctuary – Helen Jones

‘So, this is the place?’ The man grinned, revealing chipped and blackened teeth, his hair blonde against the blood-spattered furs he wore. His similarly-attired companion shrugged. ‘It is.’ ‘Some sanctuary. It doesn’t even have a door.’ ‘Huh. C’mon. This is … Continue reading

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The betrayal – jagahdilmein #writephoto

I woke up with a start, completely disoriented. I had no idea as to where I was, or what I was doing there. I shrugged my head in an effort to clear the grogginess, and looked around me to try … Continue reading

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Fading #writephoto from Morpethroad

She knew the expression ‘when your ship had sailed’. But what to do when it literally had sailed? She stood watching as he sailed away across the horizon and out of sight forever. The emptiness was overwhelming, there was nothing … Continue reading

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Ani’s Advent – Upholstered manoeuvres

Dear Santa, Well, it happened. My sofa… it’s gone. I tried to protect it as best I could… occupied the high ground like it says in all the military books. Trouble is, she must have read them too, ’cause while … Continue reading

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Microfiction #writephoto: Death hole by Jane Dougherty

Just a hole in the ground. Out of sight, out of mind. They dump us in it when we no more use, or sick or we puppies with the wrong sire. They tie a stone to a back leg, just … Continue reading

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The flavour of revenge

You’ll have heard of the spider that got me in spring How it went for my foot in the car How it bit me five times With no reason nor rhyme Which was going a little too far. You’ll remember … Continue reading

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Watching the lights – by K.L. Caley #Writephoto

Reblogged from new2writing: Through the window she saw exactly what she expected, the perfect family seated around the dining table. She could see it all so clearly even as the tears briefly blurred her vision then rolled down her ice … Continue reading

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Caged– from pensitivity101 #writephoto

Reblogged from pensitivity1o1, not one, but two stories for the photo prompt… Take One: The two adults looked at each other with dismay. ‘They said at the pet shop he’d talk’. ”Yeah right. Well he isn’t now is he?’ ‘They … Continue reading

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