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Beautiful “Sunset” – Fandango #writephoto

“Is that glow from a fire on the other side of the hill?” Samantha asked, pointing towards the hills to the west just across the creek. “Maybe we need to get outta here before it spreads this way.” “I don’t … Continue reading

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A Light in the Dark – Emily Weatherburn #writephoto

  The clouds above us were dark, but from beyond the mountain ridge, I could see the beginnings of a golden ray of light. It shone upwards into the sky, turning the grey into a golden yellow. It was a … Continue reading

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Guest author: Richard Dee – I was never a writer

I was never a writer. I was a reader, right from the day that the squiggles on the page made sense. I was a devourer of the words of others. I grew up and became a captive audience, a traveller … Continue reading

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Conflagration – James Pyles #writephoto

After Dani attached the leather leg band containing the message to her brother Aidan, Zooey whispered into the crow’s ear and released him into the air. The ebony bird took wing and flew up and northward, disappearing into the midnight … Continue reading

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Visiting Giverny, Monet’s Happy Place – Darlene Foster

Reblogged from Darlene Foster’s Blog: When our friends inquired what I wanted to see while visiting them in France, I asked if Giverny, the home of Claude Monet, was near. They said it was only one hour away and would … Continue reading

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Conflagration – Dorinda Duclos #writephoto

The story had been told long ago, and on this day it would come to fruition. She felt herself falling apart, bits and pieces burning up her insides. She didn’t know it would feel this way, praying she could make … Continue reading

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A practical course…

“…am I missing something?” The frantic voice on the phone made it quite clear that he really hoped he was… “There’s a grey ring with symbols on it. Turn it to the one with parallel lines.” “Okay, done that.” “Then, … Continue reading

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Reach for the stars… Stuart France

* “‘Black’ is an abundant place-name element and occurs both in the ‘high places’ and at all track points. The New English Dictionary describes it as, ‘a word of complicated history.’ It seems to derive from ‘blake’ and ‘blac’ which … Continue reading

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Bower #midnighthaiku

Icy perfection A fragrance to melt the heart A dreamer’s bower

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