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Marker ~ Kerfe #writephoto

If I rise, cleave into landscape, will I merge with background, become boundless?  Be part of instead of apart? Reblogged from methodtwomadness

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Home ~ Fall Musings #writephoto

Where are we headed, dear heart? To home, it pounded. Reblogged from Fall Musings

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A Briefly Guided Visit to The Spinster’s Rock ~ Alethea Kehas

Reblogged from Not Tomatoes: After our visit to The Hurlers, Sue and Stuart drove us to our car parked beside Brentor.  “Give our regards to the Spinsters,” Sue said with a mysterious smile before we received hugs and watched our … Continue reading

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Egads! I appear to be the centrefold in August’s edition of Canal Boat magazine #narrowboat #england

Originally posted on The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.:
Well, Cardinal Wolsey is, anyway… “Me & my boats – Nuns, Normandy and Nightlife.” Page 20 in the print edition. Online version here. No log-in or any such silliness required. I think that…

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Stone ~ Hayley R, Hardman #writephoto

It was too hot to walk on the tops today, but Judy had to get away. Out here, with the heathers, few trees and mother nature all round, she could escape. She didn’t have to put on the brave face … Continue reading

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Roots, Wings, and Thunderstorms ~ Jennie Fitzkee

Reblogged from A Teacher’s Reflections: A beautiful sky was appearing after the storm tonight.  I love thunderstorms. Watching the clouds grow and change as a storm builds is exciting.  The light becomes very different.  Mother Nature is getting ready to … Continue reading

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A Particular Science

Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
There is a particular science of Evil Which draws its ghostly blood From the bones of hatred. ⦿ Its moment is likened to a Ship Strangled with strange growth That fills the shapes of…

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Hu’s Embrace ~ Jordan #writephoto

Atop the Stone, standing on the precipice of embracing perfection, fully present, I am aware of my insurrection, “Be still, it is I that am you, in unity we are.” My heart and spirit are broken, “you are perfection.” Yet … Continue reading

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Riding the rollercoaster

The day did not start well, either for me or the little fish I had to remove from the tank. It was no surprise that it was dead this morning… it had been looking a little off-colour the night before, … Continue reading

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Yet another disappearing stone… Stuart France

* “It’s got a ‘wen’ in it!” * And if we had not already twigged that really should have clinched it! * Continue reading at Stuart France

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