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Boris looked out of the small barred window. The summer dawn was breaking under a bright pink and golden sky filled with soft clouds. He rubbed his eyes and stretched. He needed to get some sleep but it was not … Continue reading

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Beginnings – Anisha #writephoto

Lying in her bed, listening through her sobbing breaths, she heard the birds chirp and her wind chime clink. “No, it can’t be yet another day” she thought to her anxious self. New beginnings of any sort made her heart … Continue reading

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Beginnings – Lady Lee #writephoto

We make our way back to his beginnings With his luggage he asked for our blessings Off he goes to places no one knows Even if he freezes, as long as he grows Curiosity is a useful gift and keeping … Continue reading

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A Day’s walk?… Stuart France

* …”The why, is always the same.” “In order to connect, or to make whole?” “And in order to then participate in that wholeness.” “Which is connection.” “They call Glastonbury England’s ‘holiest erthe’.” Continue reading Stuart France

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