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The broken remains – Em’s World #writephoto

Em moved her eyes around the bare room, her face impassive, her hands clenched tightly. Barest flicker of anger flashed on her face as she spotted the exotic feather on the floor. She picked up the offending item from the … Continue reading

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Conflagration – Em #writephoto

She sat, perplexed, confused, Mostly angry at herself. Burdened by demonic hindsight, Torn apart by regret. Staring at the dying sun, The last embers of the day.   Continue reading at Em’s World

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Spring – Em- #writephoto

Em walked down the avenue, the fresh leaves of the spring bringing a small smile to her lips. The green leaves, the soft chirps of the birds around her was bringing a newfound joy within her. The spring did great … Continue reading

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Musings – Em’s World #writephoto

She did not know how long she sat in the muddy plains looking on with contemplating eyes. It was dark when she’d come here, finding solace upon the still waves, finding quietness, finding comfort in the silence. She had sat … Continue reading

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Crack. The ruler slapped down on the desk, narrowly missing my knuckles and dissolving the magic. “Daydreaming again? You will pay attention in my class, young lady!” The French mistress, determinedly optimistic to the last, turned her back and returned … Continue reading

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Alone #writephoto by Ritu Bhathal

Today, no poems or prose. No stories or tales. No stories or tales. Just a sense of calm, peace and wellbeing. Looking at the above photo brings me all that. An idyllic location to lose yourself for a while, to … Continue reading

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Alone #writephoto by Bob Fairfield

As had now become customary for the young Uddala, he was seated cross-legged on the dry ground in his favourite spot, to observe the daily miracle of Sunrise. Forty feet below, carved on the steep, sandstone bluff, the face of … Continue reading

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Spun-sugar morning Above the sleeping city A piquant contrast Nature’s daily orison Enlightening the dreamers In summer, I miss the winter. Dawn breaks too early, even for the dog. Doubtless, she would not refuse a walk, but should I rise … Continue reading

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Suck at meditation? You may just be doing it right from Everybody Means Something

Reblogged from Pete Hulme at Everybody Means Something: So, while I am re-publishing posts about my struggles with meditation, how fortunate to stumble across this recent refreshingly honest piece by David Ferguson in the Guardian. Below is a short extract: for … Continue reading

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