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Beginnings – Sisyphus #writephoto

He knew where they had met, but he was less certain of when that was. He remembered the small town, and the woods, above all the woods, where they walked, kissed, watched the sun rise, the freezing dawns, enlaced, forever … Continue reading

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Jewels in the Claw (8) – Steve Tanham

Continued from Part Seven. He – the man with the packing cases – picks up his empty tea cup and begins to walk towards the small table near the entrance door of the large room in which the mystery play … Continue reading

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Beginnings – Em’s World #writephoto

Underneath the magnificent canopy, the wind blowing ever so softly, skies painted ever so beautifully, sun dying ever so warmly. Continue reading at Em’s World

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The Line Between Dark Fantasy and Horror – Guest Post by Jaq D Hawkins at TRSA

Reblogged from TRSA: The definition of Dark Fantasy is “Fantasy with elements of Horror in it.” So the question is, how much Horror is required to take the story out of the realm of Fantasy and into the realm of … Continue reading

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Frameworks – Reena Saxena #writephoto

visual transformation through colors dispel myths of a static world Continue reading at Reinventions by Reena

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Pure #midnighthaiku

Fragrance of summer Soft haze enchants the senses Purest perfection

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