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Conflagration – Bobby Fairfield #writephoto

It was one of the saddest sights I had ever seen in my home county of Devon. For days we had watched the articulated lorries with trailrrs attached. Each one bigger than the trailers we had only witnessed before on … Continue reading

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Bushfire – Antony Fawcus #writephoto

By noon the trees are peeling paperbark, red ochre scars and pink new skin exposed; oil, oozed from pores, hangs listless in the air, as sweating eucalypts withstand the sun as best they can. Beneath their scanty shade, a herd … Continue reading

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The unusual dilemma of Penaloe Shortwheel – Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Tallis Steelyard: It isn’t often that Tallis Steelyard, the leading poet of his generation, is summoned to assist a maiden in distress. This, I would hasten to add, is not due any lack of chivalric feeling on my … Continue reading

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Conflagration – Kim Blades #writephoto

It was dark when he arrived at the desolate and uninhabited bush camp. The holiday ‘cottage’ was more of a hut. Circular and of a very basic wattle and daub contruction, with a thatched roof. It had three rooms, a … Continue reading

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Ian Hutson has Lunch at the Ashmolean with Lawrence of Arabia…

Reblogged from The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company: The Ashmolean… Museum of Art and Archaeology, University of Oxford. Website here. Founded in 1683, open Tuesday to Sunday, and Bank Holiday Mondays, 10am–5pm. Admission is free but there are buckets by the door. What … Continue reading

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Conflagration – Sisyphus #writephoto

  We waited for the storm, the lightning, the thunder, But it did not come, instead, the sky behind the hills In one brief instant, was alight, as if the true God Wanted to warn us: the glorious sunset reminded … Continue reading

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Reflecting light and shade

I have written a fair bit about my son’s pond and its inhabitants. I find watching the fish to be both calming and enlightening. It does not matter whether I am projecting human values onto the behaviour of the fish … Continue reading

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Ear-Wig … Stuart France

* “He understands about as much philosophy as a pheasant!” * “He is, then, an innocent.” * “But it is all one in this age of the masses.” * “They prostrate themselves before anything, well, massive.” * Continue reading at … Continue reading

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Roots #midnighthaiku

Grown without shadows Evergreen seeker of light Drinks deeply of earth *  

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